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Medical device manufacturers are working to meet rapidly growing demand for increasingly sophisticated medical devices around the world. At the same time, regulators in the United States, European Union, and other regions are implementing increasingly stringent measures to enhance patient safety and mitigate risk.

In this complex environment, advanced material innovation requires both an understanding of next-generation science and emerging medical industry trends. This is why DSM developed a portfolio of advanced material solutions engineered to meet today’s needs as well as growing challenges. 

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  • TPC - Arnitel®

    Arnitel is a high-performance ThermoPlastic Copolyester (TPC) that offers you a unique combination of flexibility, high temperature resistance and strength - plus excellent processing characteristics.

  • PET & PBT - Arnite®

    Our Arnite portfolio includes high performance engineering polyester plastics (PBT, PET, and blends) that combine high strength and rigidity with excellent processing characteristics.

  • PA4T PPA - ForTii®

    ForTii has a unique PPA's technology with high amide density. The ForTii platform includes polymers that are the highest crystalline, highest melting point and highest glass transition temperature amongst all PPA.

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  • Medical materials solution

    Andre Oosterlaken discusses how Arnitel VT offers the highest protection level, along with comfort, in disposable medical gowns and drapes. He also talks about the future of medical gowns, new material solutions and innovations for the medical textile market.

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