Design breathable & high-protection medical gowns

Healthcare workers fighting pandemics depend on reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect their health while being comfortable to wear. This requires breathable materials that prevent wearers from being exposed to infectious fluids.

Common material solutions fail to balance comfort and protection needs. Microporous films contain microscopic pores making gowns breathable, but are vulnerable to tearing or strikethrough in critical zones ­– increasing wearers’ risk of exposure. Polyolefin-based gowns provide an effective barrier, but no way for body heat and perspiration to escape. 

Learn medical gown design challenges

When it comes to medical gown design, suppliers need to balance multiple considerations, such as improving end-product sustainability, reducing production costs, and most importantly delivering comfortable gowns that protect healthcare workers. This requires that gowns be manufactured from materials that balance best-in-class barrier properties that prevent exposure to infectious fluids and microbials with garment breathability that improves wearer comfort. 

Find out how Arnitel VT Ensures long-lasting comfort & improve sustainability

Microporous films – one of the most commonly used medical gown material solutions – don’t provide complete protection against exposure to pathogens. However, Arnitel VT forms a monolithic membrane proven to be 100% effective against fluid permeation while providing excellent tear resistance and meets AAMI PB70 Level 4 standards when manufactured into medical gowns. The latest Arnitel VT materials enable thinner membranes, which further improves breathability and reduces material costs without jeopardizing barrier performance. In addition to being 100% recyclable, Arnitel VT’s polyester-based structure also supports greener gown manufacturing processes and produces no toxic gasses when incinerated. 

Microporous Films

Breathable but increases risk of pathogen penetration 

Monolithic Film

Molecular structure naturally creates a strong but breathable barrier, allowing moisture and CO2 to escape

Measuring medical gown performance

Whitepaper: Embracing sustainability in the medical device market

We are helping pharmaceutical and medical device companies understand the methodologies and science behind sustainability. Download our new white paper to learn how our pragmatic solutions can solve your medical device challenges while keeping sustainability at top of mind.

Explore Envalior grades for medical gowns

Arnitel® VT7812

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"Arnitel® is a high-performance ThermoPlastic Copolyester (TPC) that offers you a unique combination of flexibility, high temperature resistance and strength - plus excellent processing characteristics."

"In industries ranging from automotive to E&E, Arnitel® is increasingly being as a lighter, smarter, greener alternative to conventional rubbers – reducing environmental impact and ultimately, system costs."

"The product is supported by an experienced and knowledgeable global team continuously working on new ideas and applications, as well as exploring new markets. By listening to your needs and understanding your process and products, we develop solutions that make a real difference."

  • Film Extrusion
  • Highly Breathable
  • Drying of Material Required
  • "Highly breathable"

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Keep healthcare workers safe and comfortable

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