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  • Tool of the Month: Quickly calculate the chemical resistance of materials to reveal the effects of long-term exposure

    Exposure of engineering materials to chemical substances typically results in a risk of affecting the material properties negatively. For a proper application design, engineers want priori knowledge of tensile strength and elongation-at-break based on the exposure to a medium representative for the application. With our Chemical Resistance Tool, you can calculate a material’s chemical resistance and reveal the effects of long-term exposure.

    Blog Basic material property prediction Overall
  • Meeting power demands of USB-C connectors while reducing risk of electrical arcing

    Thermoplastics are materials used for charging cables and power adapters in early versions of USB connectors. The newest USB-C connectors have at least double the output of older charging cables and adapters. When designing new USB-C connectors, you need a material with a high CTI rating for tracking resistance and superior bonding strength, and properties that enable strong weld lines and thin walls, to minimize the risk of arcing.

    Blog Overall Electronics Stanyl
  • Tool of the Month: Quickly compare materials’ strength & elongation at break after hot air exposure

    When selecting materials for applications exposed to continuous hot air, design engineers want to know how long a material’s strength and maximum elongation at break can be retained, upon exposure to hot air of 150°C or higher. With our Heat Aging Tool, you can quickly compare materials and see which one best retains strength and elongation at break.

    Blog Basic material property prediction Overall
  • Specialty polymers enable plumbing manufacturers to meet the need for lead-free water contact systems components

    Lead contaminated water is not only specific to the United States, it has also been found in many European countries. Based on different water regulations in different countries, manufacturers in the building and construction industries need to offer an alternative material to metal in parts they produce.

    Building and construction Food & Water contact Standards & regulations Boilers & Heaters Faucets Water meters Xytron Blog
  • Key trends seen at Kitchen & Bath China 2023

    This June more than 1,300 exhibitors, including kitchen and bath manufacturers and suppliers, from around the world gathered at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in the Pudong New Area to showcase their newest kitchen and bathroom products. Key trends seen at the show were smart homes, sustainable product design, and lead-free water contact components.

    Blog Faucets Water meters EcoPaXX Xytron ForTii
  • Tool of the Month: Quickly calculate Thermal Expansion (CTE) of materials

    When selecting materials for specific application types, design engineers want to know a materials ability to expand when exposed to different temperatures since temperature changes can lead to dimensional changes and cracks. With our Thermal Expansion (CTE) Tool you can quickly evaluate the dimension stability of our materials.

    Blog Expertise Basic material property prediction Overall
  • Four key takeaways from Battery Show Europe 2023

    In May, during the Battery Show Europe 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany, Envalior—formerly DSM Engineering Materials and Lanxess HPM—was in full force showcasing new composite material that passes thermal runaway tests, studies on large battery housings that can be injection-molded, and comprehensive material tests for battery thermal management.

    Blog Automotive Electronic & Electrical
  • Envalior, formerly DSM Engineering Materials, sustainability efforts recognized by CII ITC Award in India

    Evalior, formerly DSM Engineering Materials India, was recently awarded the prestigious CII ITC Award in India. The award was given to Envalior’s facility in Pantnagar, India, in recognition of the company’s innovative approach to reduce its environmental impact. The facility was identified for health and safety impacts that play a vital role for improvement of products and a re-purposed product portfolio.

    Blog Sustainability India Renewable Energy
  • Achieve robust automotive application designs via laser welding of the best materials solution

    In the automotive industry, laser welding is on the rise due to increased vehicle electrification. A quick and clean technique, laser welding is used on components in EV transmissions, cameras and even climate control. It is imperative the correct material is used when laser welding. Some materials have limitations that could increase faulty parts. Be sure to use the proper material solution that will decrease your risk of defects.

    Blog Welding & glueing Electronic & Electrical Arnite Automotive
  • Envalior wins China Low Voltage Industry Association “Best Supplier” Award

    Recently Envalior, formerly DSM Engineering Materials and Lanxess HPM, received “the Best Supplier” award at the sixth AVE Award ceremony by China Low Voltage Industry Association (LVA) & China Renewable Energy Power Committee. The biennial AVE Award is the most influential award in China’s electrical and renewable energy industry.

    Electrical Sustainability Blog

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