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  • Staying ahead of shifting water contact regulations while embracing circular materials

    To meet the demands of evolving regulations and market dynamics, water system parts manufacturers are under pressure to bring compliant parts to the market. Lead-leaching brass is being retired, and in some cases polyamide 66 and POM need to be replaced with safer alternatives. Yet, many commercial plastics fail to meet the strict requirements. To stay ahead of competitors, it’s critical that part suppliers adopt robust, versatile and circular material solutions.

    25 Jan 2023

    Blog Water meters Boilers & Heaters Faucets EcoPaXX Xytron ForTii
  • As a member of the 3beLiEVe Consortium, DSM Engineering Materials is helping build next- gen battery technology for the future European electric vehicle market

    As the only material supplier member of the 3beLiEVe Consortium, DSM Engineering Materials is helping 3beLiEVe strengthen the position of the European battery and automotive industry in the future EV market by delivering the next generation of battery cells, designed and made in Europe for the electrified vehicles market of 2025 and beyond.

    04 Jan 2023

    Automotive Hydrogen Fuel Cells E-drivetrain Chargers E-Motors Blog
  • From planning to post-processing optimization, DSM is with you every step of the way

    As a solutions provider, DSM’s service to you, our manufacturing partner, doesn’t end when we supply you with high-quality raw materials, or even when we create a part or component customized for your application. Post-processing optimization has always been a part of what we do to ensure our customers’ success, helping you achieve first time right.

    22 Dec 2022

    Blog Services Post Processing Optimization Industrial equipment
  • Balancing performance and fuel economy with robust air intake systems

    Hybrid cars, which incorporate an internal combustion engine alongside a battery, continue to play an important role in cutting global carbon emissions. OEMs look to optimize the sustainability of hybrid vehicles by fitting them with compact turbocharged engines that are designed to balance performance and fuel economy. To lightweight engines and improve vehicle sustainability, manufacturers have replaced metal and rubber materials for these parts with polyamide 66 (PA66). Yet, this polyamide provides limited thermal resistance and can create supply chain risks.

    16 Dec 2022

    Blog Automotive Thermal Management
  • Enhancing the performance, comfort and sustainability of advanced wound care films

    Advanced wound care dressings improve treatment for patients that experience frequent or long-lasting wounds. Film strips inside dressings, which are permeable to moisture vapor and air but keep bacteria and viruses out, accelerate the healing process. Thermoplastic polyurethane is widely used to manufacturer these films. Yet, in addition to its sustainability drawbacks, improving this material’s moisture vapor transmission rate performance is time- and cost-intensive.

    13 Dec 2022

    Blog Medical Wound Care
  • How DSM’s automotive expertise can support India’s Automotive Mission Plan

    India’s Automotive Mission Plan (AMP) aims to grow the country’s economy, while improving consumer access to transportation. It advocates policies intended to help Indian automakers and their manufacturing partners bring safer, lighter and more sustainable vehicles to market. DSM is ready to support the Government of India and Indian automotive industry in realizing the goals of AMP 2026.

    02 Dec 2022

    Blog Automotive India Lightweighting
  • DSM highlights from K 2022

    K 2022, the World’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber, held October 19-26 in Düsseldorf, Germany, has drawn to a close. It was an impressive event with more than 175,000 attendees and more than 3,000 exhibitors, including DSM Engineering Materials. At our booth, we featured innovative materials solutions and announced the launch of an industry-leading suite of digital tools and online services, along with two successful partnerships.

    04 Nov 2022

    Blog Automotive Medical Consumer goods Event K 2022
  • Overcoming barriers to EV adoption with high-performance electrolyte additives

    Electric vehicle (EV)production is accelerating quickly, yet the high cost of Lithium-ion batteries has been a long-standing barrier to battery-powered EV adoption. To ensure EVs have longer driving ranges, battery packs need to support higher energy density. High nickel ternary alloys and manganese-based, lithium-rich metal oxides is a promising method for increasing the energy density and capacity of batteries. Yet, there are drawbacks to using these compounds, which elevate the risk of thermal runaway.

    02 Nov 2022

    Blog Stanyl E-Motors Chargers
  • Optimizing antenna radiator units for 5G towers

    Beyond providing superior mobile experiences, 5G enables a vast range of next-generation technologies. To support growing demand for 5G services, next-gen 5G base stations require a massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna array for the active antenna unit (AAU) design. Manufacturers need to reduce the weight and size of antenna radiator units to ensure towers remain stable.

    20 Oct 2022

    Blog Electronics Infrastructure Xytron

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