DSM Engineering Materials reorganizes distribution network in North America

DSM Engineering Materials B.V., is a company established at Urmonderbaan 22, 6167 RD Geleen, the Netherlands.

The company is registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce Zuid-Limburg, the Netherlands under number 14029941.

The VAT identification number is: NL 0041.84.543.B01.

You can reach us by e-mail.

DSM Engineering Materials is partnering with Nexeo Plastics to enhance its distribution footprint for automotive, electronics and industrial manufacturers throughout North America. Effective immediately, the most popular grades from DSM’s advanced material portfolio are now available through Nexeo Plastics.  

DSM’s new partnership with Nexeo will leverage their robust warehouse distribution network serving Canada, Mexico and the United States.

“We share DSM’s commitment to excellence and customer centricity, and we are excited to offer DSM’s extensive portfolio of high-performance engineering plastics to our customers,” said Shawn Williams, CEO, Nexeo Plastics.

The reduction in CO2 emissions is substantial too. This collective fuel savings results in a CO2 reduction of 195 billion kilograms per year. That’s the same quantity of CO2 emissions that results from the annual electricity used in 29.2 million homes. Without plastics in automotive, it would take a forest of 0.93 million square kilometres to sequester the additional CO2 created from fuel emissions – a forest measuring twice the size of California, three times the size of Italy, or nine times the size of South Korea.

DSM Engineering Materials President Shruti Singhal (left) and Shawn Williams, CEO, Nexeo Plastics (right) meet during the 2019 K Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. (Photo by Danny Bloem for DSM)

The following DSM products lines are now available through our preferred channel partners:

Additional DSM Channel Partner Updates

  • DSM will continue its partnership with Channel Prime Alliance in the region.
  • DSM products will no longer be available from Chase Plastics.

For questions, please contact your DSM Engineering Materials account manager or visit dsm.com/contactdep.

Jud Gibson

Vice President, Commercial Americas for Envalior

Published on

05 November 2019


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Jud Gibson

Vice President, Commercial Americas for Envalior

Jud Gibson is Vice President, Commercial Americas for Envalior. In this role he is responsible for sales, solutions and customer-engagement strategies. His passion for building customer-centric business development teams has driven award-winning material solutions for both global automakers and advanced manufacturers.

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