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Imagine a world without color where the most innovative designs are limited by the properties of a particular material. It may bring to mind a world of identical monochromatic black cars rolling off the first assembly lines, uncomfortable wool clothing and old wooden ships.

Fortunately, the leading engineers in the consumer electronics industry don’t need to imagine this world since they are no longer constrained by the design limitations of Liquid Crystal Polymers (LCP).

That’s why DSM Engineering Materials invented Stanyl—a high-performance nylon/polyamide (PA46) solution—to enable manufacturers to overcome persistent challenges, including:

Connect with color – Unlike LCP, Stanyl can be molded into white and bright chroma colors.

Beat the heat – Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) process temperatures have gone up to 250°C to accommodate lead-free solder paste. During this assembly process, the connector must not deform or compromise the increasingly tight tolerances of the designs. For the plastic material, this means a heat Distortion Temperature (HDT) must be boosted above 250°C reflow temperature. Stanyl was designed to overcome this challenge.

Go with the flow – Increasingly small and thin-walled connectors are making plastics with exceptional flow characteristics very important. For many years, manufacturers of DDR memory have trusted high-flow Stanyl grades because of its efficient processing combined with low reject rates during pin insertion (no cracking).

Hold the halogen –  Halogen-free Stanyl grades are available for connectors requiring the UL94-V0 flammability rating. Ratings for dimensions as low as 0.2mm are UL Yellow Card Certified. These grades are coded Stanyl HFX (HFX31S being the first commercial grade). Because of the material’s strength and ductility, these grades enable the designs for many of the most durable USB-C connectors.

“ForTiified” for the future – ForTii (PA4T) is a breakthrough high-temperature polyamide with heat stabilized and flame-retardant grades for the most demanding applications in the electronics, lighting, automotive, white goods, industrial and aerospace industries. Today, ForTii is the only polyamide grade in the world to receive the JEDEC MSL (moisture sensitivity level) 1 rating.

To learn more about DSM’s robust portfolio of advanced engineering plastic solutions for electronics industry, visit plasticsfinder.com.  For technical inquiries or sample requests, visit dsm.com/contactdep.


Jim Pike

Application Development Engineer, Envalior

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Jim Pike

Application Development Engineer, Envalior

Jim Pike is an Application Development Engineer for Envalior. Based in Cupertino, California, he utilizes his expertise to support Fortune 500 customers in the electronics and electrical industries. Prior to joining Envalior, he served in sales and technical marketing leadership roles for DuPont as well as leading distribution partners. Pike earned his bachelor’s degree in business and communications at the State University of New York – Oneonta.

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