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K Fair 2019: Ensuring a sustainable future with bio-based Stanyl®

Only a few short weeks ago, we celebrated a special birthday at DSM: Stanyl, the world’s most successful high-temperature polyamide, turned 30. Born from a collaboration with Twente University of Technology, the first bags of Stanyl (PA46) were shipped to an automotive customer in 1989.

Since then, over the past three decades, our Stanyl offering has grown and matured. From starting a halogen-free wave in 2007 to introducing Diablo technology, allowing parts made of Stanyl to be exposed to high temperatures up to 230°C for as long as several thousand hours, Stanyl products have led the way thanks to their excellent mechanical properties, wear and friction performance, and great flow behavior.

An important milestone 

Today, we have unveiled another important milestone for Stanyl. Specifically, we announced the launch of key bio-based Stanyl grades, which are available to customers now. Furthermore, as part of our ambitious Sustainability Roadmap, by 2030 all our Stanyl grades will be available in a format with at least 25% bio-based raw material.

Importantly, the bio-based grades of Stanyl will deliver all of the exact same functional and regulatory qualities as the conventional ones, and will not require any special handling equipment or different processing steps. This means that, without requalification, our bio-based grades can be adopted quickly and easily - putting customers on the path to a greener future as efficiently, and with as little hassle, as possible.

In addition, all of our bio-based Stanyl bio-based grades will meet – and exceed – all relevant regulatory guidelines, and – to ensure third-party validation – will be certified with an ISCC Plus sustainability certification. And, like all of the products in our parallel portfolio, the raw materials used in the manufacture of bio-based Stanyl are fully traceable, enabling complete transparency at every stage of the manufacturing chain.

In this way, our bio-based Stanyl grades will allow our customers – whether in the automotive, electronics or household appliance industries - to securely and confidently take the next step in their own sustainability journeys. By working together with our customers - hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder – we can deliver on the growing demand for sustainable solutions, and for products that work well for both people and the planet.

More than ever, and with the introduction of our bio-based Stanyl products as a case in point, I’m certain that a more sustainable future can be achieved without compromise. The demand is there, the technology is there… Now, we just have to embrace the future and the benefits that bio-based engineering materials like the new Stanyl grades can offer. Stanyl has a strong track record of adding value, but one thing is certain – the best is yet to come!

Curious to know more?

If you would like to know more about our bio-based Stanyl grades, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our Stanyl webpages here.

Leon Han

Global Product Manager

Published on

17 October 2019


Video: Stanyl, the strongest high-temperature polyamide for 30 years and counting!

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Leon Han

Global Product Manager

Wenyu (Leon) Han joined DSM Engineering Materials in 2017 as Global Product Manager. He has over 10 years of experiences in the plastics compounds industry. Leon had held several global roles in sales, marketing, product marketing, segment management and marketing director role at different companies and industries, including Celanese, GE Plastics (now SABIC) and Valspar Coatings.

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