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Welcome to the Advanced Materials Solutions podcast for material engineers and designers.

Advanced Materials Solutions podcast

For materials engineers and designers, the Advanced Materials Solutions podcast will keep you up to date with the latest insights into materials innovations. From new mobility, electronics and connectors solutions to food and water contact safety, and medical solutions, plus sustainability initiatives, the Advanced Materials Solutions podcast drives the conversations about materials solutions, trends and more.

Below you can find all of our latest podcasts. 

Rain jackets made of a unique materials solution protect cyclists from harsh weather conditions

To meet the need for high-performance protective cycling rain jackets, Craft Sportswear, Team Sunweb and DSM Engineering Materials designed, developed and optimized their cycling rain jackets with an Arnitel® membrane. During this podcast, Armand Duijsens, market development manager for Arnitel at DSM Engineering Materials, and Tom Stamsnijder, a former professional cyclist and currently Sunweb Cycle Team liaison officer at DSM, discuss why and how these rain jackets were Team Subweb’s first line of defense against harsh weather elements during the Tour de France. .

Armand Duijsens, Market Development Manager for Arnitel at DSM Engineering Materials

Tom Stamsnijder, a former Dutch professional cyclist, rode competitively from 2004 to 2018, and is currently Sunweb Cycle Team Liaison Officer at DSM


Selecting the proper materials solution for gear applications improves durability and lifetime

Gears are found in a variety of applications—from automotive and household appliance applications to robotic applications found in automated facilities. Traditionally, gears in demanding applications are made from metal, but there is an increasing demand for plastic gears. Adnan Hasanovic, Technical Manager, discusses the history of gears, how to select the proper materials solution based on gear application, the future of gears in automotive applications, and how DSM’s global team of material science experts test materials solutions to make sure they meet durability and lifetime performance requirements.

Adnan Hasanovic, Technical Manager at DSM Engineering Materials


Recycle-based polyamide contributes to a cleaner ocean and sustainable livelihoods—Part 1

Driven by eco-innovation, a focus on  quality and performance, and a positive contribution to the environment and society, DSM’s Akulon® RePurposed is made from abandoned nylon fishing nets that are cut up, cleaned, extruded and inspected. During this podcast, Reimo Nickel, account manager, discusses this recycled materials solution and how it contributes to  a cleaner ocean and sustainable livelihoods for several communities in India; sustainability product trends, and more.

Reimo Nickel, Account Manager at DSM Engineering Materials


Recycle-based polyamide contributes to a cleaner ocean and sustainable livelihoods—Part 2

Imagine that you go on a beach vacation with your family—when at the beach, the sand tools you brought for your children to make sandcastles with break. This type of experience put Lee Ott, founder of Pufferfish, on the path to create the startup company. During this podcast, he discusses his beach vacation experience in detail and how it led him to create Pufferfish; research he did about materials solutions available for making such tools; and the values of Pufferfish. He also talks about why Akulon® RePurposed was the material of choice for Pufferfish.

Lee Ott, Founder of Pufferfish


Recycle-based polyamide contributes to a cleaner ocean and sustainable livelihoods—Part 3

Abandoned, lost or discarded fishing nets in the ocean are a huge problem. Fishing nets make up nearly half of the ocean pollution in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Raising awareness of this ocean pollution challenge is something Bernard Werk, a Dutch entrepreneur, set out to do when creating the startup Gyre and the SeaCleaner Watch. During this podcast, he discusses what inspired him to create the watch; the startup’s values; why it was a must to use a recycled material; and why Akulon® RePurposed was the material of choice for Gyre.

Bernard Werk, Dutch Entrepreneur and Founder of Gyre 

Materials solution helps control the spread of bacterial and viral infections

Healthcare professionals are exposed to infectious diseases while working in medical settings. Physicians, nurses, technicians and clinical laboratory workers all want to be protected from diseases. Andre Oosterlaken discusses how Arnitel VT offers the highest protection level, along with comfort, in disposable medical gowns and drapes. He also talks about the future of medical gowns, new material solutions and innovations for the medical textile market.

Andre Oosterlaken, Market Development Manager at DSM Engineering Materials

Food contact safety standards in the kitchen

The food contact industry is global – products such as spoons, spatulas, tongs, etc., are developed in a specific region, and then manufactured elsewhere, but across the board, safe for use is the priority. Pim Jenssen discusses how the globalization of the market has effected the design and manufacture of kitchen utensils, how the regulations differ by region, and the bio-based materials solutions available for food contact applications.

Pim Janssen, Market Development Manager at DSM Engineering Materials


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