Engineering Materials

High-performance protective cycling rain jackets

Rain jackets made of a unique materials solution protect cyclists from harsh weather conditions

To meet the need for high-performance protective cycling rain jackets, Craft Sportswear, Team DSM and DSM Engineering Materials designed, developed and optimized their cycling rain jackets with an Arnitel® membrane. During this podcast, Armand Duijsens, market development manager for Arnitel at DSM Engineering Materials, and Tom Stamsnijder, project manager and team liaison officer at DSM, discuss why and how these rain jackets were Team DSM’s first line of defense against harsh weather elements during the Tour de France. 

Armand Duijsens, Market Development Manager for Arnitel at DSM Engineering Materials.

Tom Stamsnijder, a former Dutch professional cyclist, rode competitively from 2004 to 2018, and is currently Team DSM Liaison Officer.

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