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Akulon® RePurposed

A versatile, high performance polyamide, made from recycled fishing nets.

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DSM uses discarded fishing nets as the source to produce the recycle-based polyamide Akulon RePurposed. We use the material recovered from the fishing nets collected along the coastlines of India. Before being compounded, the fishing nets are treated and upcycled using local labor.


Supporting environment and society

With this new product line DSM contributes to cleaner oceans. Instead of disposing discarded fishing nets on the beach or in the sea, the fishing nets are collected for recycling purposes. The product also has an extended positive social impact in terms of job creation, along with the development of new skills and knowledge of people working in the supply chain (i.e. collecting, sorting, cleaning and processing fishing nets).

Functional attributes

The end product is a glass fiber reinforced recycle-based polyamide with excellent functional properties.


Akulon RePurposed is used in high-end applications in the sports and leisure segment, such as for surfboard accessories. It can also be used in a wide variety of other applications, including furniture and industrial applications.


Customer Cases


Akulon® RePurposed in your next collection

Akulon RePurposed is made from abandoned nylon fishing nets that are cut up, cleaned, extruded, inspected for quality, and shipped back to us for compounding. The compounded grades rely on 100% sustainable feedstocks, while delivering material performance nearly on par with our virgin material grades.

Here are five reasons you should consider Akulon RePurposed in your next product design.

DSM and Starboard transform discarded fishing nets into high-end surfboard components

Starboard, a world leading watersports company, and DSM are collecting and upcycling discarded fishing nets to create a material for consumer goods, such as surfboard components. In doing so, the collaboration supports litter-free beaches, a healthier marine environment and creates a positive social impact for local communities in India.

The versatile high performance polyamide

Akulon is our family of high performance polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 materials, used by customers across the world in applications ranging from automotive, electronics and electrical to furniture and packaging. We offer Akulon grades for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion (including barrier film, stock shapes, convoluted tubes, monofilament and multifilament).

In molded parts, the material offers an excellent balance of easy design and processing with outstanding mechanical properties over a wide temperature range and in diverse conditions. Meanwhile for extrusion, the strength, resilience and easy processing of Akulon sets the market standards.

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