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Akulon® Ultraflow

Akulon Ultraflow is a high-flow grade proven to help manufacturers reduce injection molding cycle times by up to 40%.

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Manufacturers looking to improve flow and boost cycle time with excellent surface appearance are increasingly looking to Akulon Ultraflow. This easy-to-process polyamide 6 offers up to 80% improved flow and a 40% reduction in injection molding cycle times with no significant effect on mechanical properties compared to standard polyamide 6 grades.

Today, Akulon Ultraflow is being used in many demanding applications, like engine covers, intake manifolds, automotive exterior mirror shells, furniture and power tools. The bright science behind the faster flow of Akulon Ultraflow equates to lower system costs – and not just via faster cycle times.

For example, through enabling thinner wall thicknesses, less material is needed and engineers have more design freedom. An increased number of tooling cavities means lower production costs while molding parts on lower tonnage machines enables more manufacturing flexibility. And of course higher flow equals lower molded in stresses and warpage reduction.

Further benefits

Other benefits of Akulon Ultraflow include improved surface appearance and less need for painting, along with increased scope for metal replacement – which in turn brings the benefits of weight, fuel and carbon reduction. Good for people, planet and profit.

Spiral flow length

The graph on the left shows the spiral flow length of Akulon Ultrafow at 260°C (500°F) and 1400 bar. Akulon Ultraflow can reduce cycle time up to 40% thanks to shorter injection and molding times, faster crystallization rates and lower processing temperatures. Lower processing temperatures equate to lower energy costs.

The improved flow of Akulon Ultraflow can reduce clamping forces, bringing lower tonnage machines into play and adding more cavities per mold. Thus, the potential for reduced piece part price.

Cost savings

When looking at the Akulon product cost analysis pictured on the right, you can see the cost savings that Akulon Ultraflow unlocks through increased cycle time. In fact, it achieves a cycle time reduction of 53 to 33 seconds.

Designing parts, like engine covers, with long flow lengths and thinner wall thicknesses allows for additional cost reduction opportunities.

Featured applications

Airbag Containers

Automotive | Safety Restraint Systems Air Bag Systems

Akulon® PA6 allows for 40-60% weight reduction versus metal; Akulon® PA6 allows for reliable (safer since no metal bolts needed) and cost effective solutions versus metal (due to the possibility of function integration) and versus PA66 (PA6 more economical choice); Akulon® Ultraflow grades allow even for more cost effectiveness due to 25% cycle time advantage and due to high flowability enabling thinner walled designs

Engine Covers

Automotive | Drivetrain Transmission

Akulon® PA6 allows for reliable solutions due to high temperature resistance (better than PP), great surface appearance (better than PA66) and low warpage levels; Akulon® Ultraflow grades allow even for more cost effectiveness due to 25% cycle time advantage and due to high flowability enabling thinner walled designs

The versatile high performance polyamide

Akulon is our family of high performance polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 materials, used by customers across the world in applications ranging from automotive, electronics and electrical to furniture and packaging. We offer Akulon grades for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion (including barrier film, stock shapes, convoluted tubes, monofilament and multifilament).

In molded parts, the material offers an excellent balance of easy design and processing with outstanding mechanical properties over a wide temperature range and in diverse conditions. Meanwhile for extrusion, the strength, resilience and easy processing of Akulon sets the market standards.

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