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Arnitel is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with high temperature resistance, good processability and excellent elastic behavior. Arnitel belongs to the TPE subcategory of thermoplastic copolyesters (TPC).

  • Broad range of hardnesses 
  • High temperature resistance within the TPE family
  • Mainly used to replace rubber in automotive, electronics and other industries.

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Arnitel is increasingly being used as a lighter, smarter, greener alternative to conventional rubbers, reducing environmental impact and ultimately system costs. Thanks to its outstanding characteristics, Arnitel offers exceptional flexibility in design—giving the freedom to implement the most innovative product concepts, and to add value to the design process. Therefore, helping meet demands for ever-higher end-product performance and cost-effectiveness. Arnitel has a wide range of hardnesses, which is capable of replacing rubbers, metals, leather and other thermoplastics. Arnitel delivers superior chemical, heat and wear resistance, along with the ability to be recycled.

Arnitel® portfolio highlights

Arnitel® for cable insulation

With thermoplastic copolyetherester polymer as the basis, Arnitel has a broad portfolio for cable insulation for consumer electronics (jacket+primary insulation), appliances, railway and automotive cable products. Next to insulation, Arnitel also offers a wide portfolio for strain reliefs and plugs.

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Arnitel® Eco

Our Arnitel Eco material is a bio-based thermoplastic copolyester (TPE) that delivers high performance with the added benefit of a lower environmental impact. The material is made from 50% renewable resources, based on rapeseed oil instead of mineral oil. 

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Arnitel® for automotive

Arnitel is our family of thermoplastic copolyester elastomers (known as TPE, COPE and TPC) ideal for many demanding automotive applications—from airducts, tubes and hoses to boots, bellows and cables. In all cases, this unique material gives you the strength and processing characteristics of engineering plastics combined with the performance of thermoset elastomers.

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Arnitel is a thermoplastic elastomer that combines the easy process of thermoplastics with the elasticity of a rubber. The soft Arnitels show excellent elasticity and can be used as elastic fibers.


Arnitel is extensively used in applications over a very wide range of temperatures. Arnitel retains its mechanical properties at very low temperatures of -45°C right up to 150°C.

Arnitel is extensively used in applications over a very wide range of temperatures. Arnitel retains its mechanical properties at very low temperatures of -45°C up to 150°C.

Heat ageing

The Arnitel C series shows outstanding high heat ageing properties and meets the most stringent performance and compliance needs, including hydrolysis and abrasion resistance. This series meets the severe ISO 6277 class D requirements for automotive wire and cable.

Most popular Arnitel® grades

Featured applications

Brake Tubing with Arnitel® CM622

Automotive | Safety Restraint Systems Braking Systems

Arnitel® TPC allows for light weight solutions (75% lighter compared to rubber); Arnitel® TPC allows for cost effective solutions (up to 50% lower system costs than rubber); Arnitel® TPC allows for sustainable solutions (compared to PA12, Arnitel is a plasticizer free solution); Arnitel® TPC allows for reliable solutions due to its peak temperatures resistance up to 180°C – 200°C and its good heat aging due to continuous use temperatures 120°C – 170°C

Breathable Outdoor clothing

Consumer goods | Sports & leisure

Arnitel® TPC allows for very sustainable solutions, since it is PFC free and 100% recyclable; Arnitel® TPC allows for very comfortable and reliable solutions due to its high breathability and 100% waterproof performance under all circumstances, unlike perforated membranes

Clean Air Inlet Ducts

Automotive | Engine Air Intake

Arnitel® TPC allows for light weight solutions (50% lighter than rubber); Arnitel® TPC allows for reliable solutions due to its perfect combination of high (ageing) temperature resistance and good flexibility and chemical resistance; Akulon® PA6 allows for light weight solutions (50% lighter than metal) and for more rigid duct solutions.

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The Arnitel® portfolio

We offer Arnitel across a full portfolio of grades, each designed to meet specific customer needs. That includes grades suitable for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion – as well as Arnitel Eco, our part bio-based thermoplastic.

Our portfolio is divided into four standard groups: Arnitel E, Arnitel P, Arnitel C, Arnitel VT, Arnitel XG and Arnitel Eco.

Reinventing the wheel with Arnitel®: Non-pneumatic tires that don’t go flat

The wheel has come a long way since its inception—evolved to the use of rubber tires inflated with air, which is the incumbent technology for decades.

However, in many applications and industries, dealing with flat tires is a pain and a costly nuisance. Learn how Arnitel— DSM’s family of thermoplastic elastomer polymers and compounds based on block copolymers of polyesters and polyethers— is helping manufacturers develop advanced non-pneumatic tires.


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