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EcoPaXX® in water management

EcoPaXX drinking water certified grades show superior hydrolysis resistance over PA66 and low Tg PPA materials, leading to longer product lifetime.

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The chemical and hydrolysis resistance of EcoPaXX's specialized grades is superior over PA66 and low Tg PPA materials. EcoPaXX has excellent surface finish, is dishwasher safe and has lower extractable levels than PA6 or PA66, making it suitable for food contact applications.

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Faucet mixing valve

Building & construction | Water management

EcoPaXX® PA410 allows for reliable solutions due to its superior toughness, its improved bonding strength, its high hydrolytic stability (NSF61 is hot water certified) and its excellent dimensional stability; EcoPaXX® PA410 leads to sustainable solutions since it is partly bio-based

A natural performer

EcoPaXX is DSM’s most established biobased engineering plastic. It combines DSM’s propriety C4 technology with the power of nature’s C10 building block derived from castor plants, which do not compete with the food chain. The combination of the short C4 block and the long C10 block gives EcoPaXX high mechanical properties of typical short chain polyamides, but combines these with lower moisture update and higher chemical resistance more typical of long chain polyamides. EcoPaXX can easily be processed in PA66 tools while resulting in better surface quality. This makes it an ideal candidate for when performance, aesthetics and sustainability come together. 

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