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ForTii® in electronics & electrical

ForTii is a high-performance polyamide ideal for use in electrical & consumer electronics parts. Applications where the material has already proven its reliability and safety in various components are, among others, servers and wearable devices, notebooks, smartphones and MCCB.

  • High HDT & Stiffness
  • UL94-V0 down to 0.2mm CTI above 800V.GWIT 800
  • Dimensional stability of low warpage

Explore ForTii® in electronics & electrical

Because of its excellent compatibility with lead free surface mount technology - along with good dimensional stability and high mechanical properties - this halogen-free, flame-retardant material is viable for supporting key industry trends in convergence and aesthetics. Its electrical properties offer the highest CTI level possible, which when coupled with dimension stability, make ForTii extremely well suited to highly demanding applications in the electronics and electrical industry.

Most popular ForTii® E&E grades


Featured applications

ForTii® - the PPA with power

ForTii is a platform of high performance semi-aromatic polyamides (PPA) based on the unique “C4” diamine technology that enables best-in-class mechanical properties due to the optimized crystallization morphology.

In addition, ForTii offers a unique balance of properties, including excellent dimensional stability, compatibility with lead free reflow soldering, and the highest stiffness and mechanical strength at extreme temperatures. 

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