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In this product group, the excellent mechanical performance at high temperature of Stanyl is combined with the in-house developed DIABLO high heat stabilization technique, giving rise to materials that pass the most severe heat aging tests in the automotive market.

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This group make up the class of materials that have the highest resistance against heat aging up to temperatures of 230 ° C. Together with one of the three key strengths of Stanyl, in this case being the high mechanics at elevated temperatures, an unique combination of properties set has been created especially for hot charge air ducts and air intake manifolds, where stiffness at high temperature and superior heat aging performance are key requirements.

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Sustaining high performance

Stanyl is the only aliphatic polyamide that is capable of working in the field of the high-temperature polyamides, and with that it also takes the largest volume space in that area of all polymers. When focusing on the details, the core strength stems from two key properties being the high crystallization rate, which leads to small crystals, and additionally the high degree of crystallinity. These two properties create three key strengths in Stanyl, being the excellent mechanical performance at high temperatures, excellent wear and friction properties and superior flow. 

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Sustaining high performance

The first commercializations of Stanyl were achieved 30 years ago. Currently, it is the largest single polymer being used in the high-performance polyamide landscape. The symmetry of the chemical structure lays the foundation of its success as it provides the basis for the high degree of crystallinity and fast crystallization speed. These two features are the basis of the three key strengths of Stanyl being excellent high-temperature mechanics, excellent wear and friction performance and superior flow. These strengths are what drives the business of Stanyl. Because of these features, this materials displays exceptional retention of mechanical properties after passing through the glass transition, giving rise to its high-temperature performance.