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Xytron™ Hydrolysis Resistance

This class of materials enables applications that require very good chemical resistance with continuous service temperatures reaching 150⁰C.

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This group of materials fit best for applications that are exposed to higher heat and need to maintain dimensional stability while being subjected to harsh chemicals.  Typical applications include coolant pump impellers, upper and lower portions of the radiator, and exhaust gas pumping systems.

Featured applications

Engine block heater for electric generators

Energy |

Xytron™ offers long term high temperature resistance&hydrolysis resistance; Xytron™ is DSM's technical expertise and effective technical and commercial communication; Xytron™ also allows for easy processing

Crankshaft Covers

Automotive | Drivetrain Transmission

ForTii® PA4T, Stanyl® PA46 and EcoPaXX® PA410 allow for light weight solutions (50% less weight compared to metal) and for cost effective solutions (up to 25% lower system/part costs compared to metal); ForTii® PA4T, Stanyl® PA46 and EcoPaXX® PA410 allow for reliable solutions due to good compatibility with FKM/LSR rubbers and to good creep&fatigue resistance in case of Stanyl® and to good temperature resistance up to 150-200°C in case of ForTii® and EcoPaXX®; Xytron™PPS can provide lots of benefits on creep, fatigue&oil resistance, even at elevated temperature.

Automotive e-motor Bobbins

Automotive | e-Drivetrain HV E-motors

Stanyl® PA46 allows for reliable solutions due to a high temperature resistance (UL1446 class H certified) and creep resistance at elevated temperatures, high toughness levels and good electrical insulation properties; Stanyl® PA46 allows for cost effective solutions due to a good flowability and processability enabling therefore thin wall designs;Xytron™ PPS allows for super high temperatrue resistance for long term.

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Xytron offers extreme good chemical resistance, dimensional stability, intrinsically flame retardancy, high stiffness up to Glass Transition Point (90 °C), Continuous Use Temperature (CUT) of 240-260 °C and a melting point of 280 °C. All outstanding properties contributing to excellent performance for many different applications. Xytron is well suited for a broad range of Automotive, E&E and Specialized Industries applications.

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More about Xytron™

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