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Enabling design of more sustainable products with a lower carbon footprint

Over the past decades, consumption and production of materials has created a series of interconnected environmental challenges. These include climate change, the accumulation of plastic waste and natural resource depletion.

At DSM Engineering Materials, our purpose is to create brighter lives for all. As such, we have strong ambitions to enable sustainable living by reducing the environmental impact of our operations and improving the sustainability profile of our products. To live our purpose and to keep ourselves accountable by driving transparency, we have put in place a series of stretching ambitions. By delivering on these ambitions, we will take the next important steps in our sustainability journey, to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our materials and enable a circular and bio-based economy.

By 2030, our GHG emissions and Product Carbon Footprint will be reduced by 50% compared to 2016 (scope 1, 2 and 3 upstream).

By 2025, all of our plants run on 100% renewable electricity.

By 2030, offering a full alternative range of our existing portfolio based on bio- and/or recycled-based materials. 

Achieving Net Zero Scope 1 and 2 green house gas emissions by 2040.

Explore our key sustainability focus areas

Circular economy solutions

Offering a portfolio of recycled- and/or bio-based alternatives.


Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction solutions

Closely managing the carbon footprint of our products and operations.

Product stewardship and safety

Taking responsibility to control and minimize all possible safety risks and adverse effects on people or the environment. 

Brighter Living Solutions

Products and services that deliver high performance while providing additional benefits to our society and environments. 

Learn how to lower your carbon footprint through bio- and recycled based material solutions

In this 2-minute video, learn about the options you have to lower your carbon foorprint and to meet circular economy targets. At DSM Engineering Materials, we offer both drop-in material solutions and sustainable material alternatives to bridge the way towards a future proof business.

Latest Sustainability News

DSM and Samsung Electronics work together to develop a smartphone made with recycled ocean-bound fishing nets

DSM partnered with Samsung, a leading company in the mobile industry, to develop innovative and eco-conscious technology. The incorporation of Akulon® RePurposed into Samsung’s latest flagship device, the Galaxy S22 series smartphone, Galaxy Tab S8 series tablet, and Galaxy Book2 Pro series PC, marks an incredible achievement and a milestone in both companies’ sustainability journeys.

DSM Engineering Materials accelerates its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission reduction program

By working with strategic suppliers to raise the bar of its sustainability ambitions, DSM Engineering Materials is further differentiating its approach from its industry peers, who often limit greenhouse gas emissions to Scope 1 and 2 only.

DSM partners with Sympatex Technologies to launch mass-balanced bio-based Arnitel® specialty materials

Bio-based Arnitel® is added to the growing range of DSM Engineering Materials' bio-based alternatives to its portfolio.

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Direct and easy access to our broad portfolio of high-performance plastics: explore our bio- and/or recycled-based grades or order a sample. You can also simply ask our sustainability experts.

Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible production & consumption 

To enable the transition from a fossil- to a renewable based economy, we commit to re-use of plastic waste or biomass (waste) feedstocks.

Climate action

We enable our customers to reduce the footprint of their products by reducing the carbon footprint of our products, and hence reduce the overall COemissions.

Life below water

Plastics do not belong in our oceans, instead we aim at improving recyclability which turns them into a valuable feedstock again.


We cannot achieve a circular plastics economy on our own; our vision is a world that works together to keep plastics in the economy, starting with our value chain partners.

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Our strategy & the SDGs

We’re so convinced of the value of doing well by doing good that our strategy is aligned with the Sustainable Development (SDG) goals outlined by the United Nations in 2015.

Our operations

DSM takes its global environmental and social responsibilities seriously. This goes beyond our own operations to that of our suppliers, customers, and end-users.

Climate & Energy

DSM's Climate Change Agenda focuses on reducing our own carbon footprint, enabling the low-carbon economy with our solutions & advocating climate action.

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