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Better for people and planet

Creating multiple benefits

Our Brighter Living Solutions (“BLS”) are innovations and products that are better for the planet (Eco+) and/or people (People+) based on a product life cycle approach. In particular, these products and services deliver high performance while giving additional benefits to our society and the environment – everything from raw materials to manufacturing to transport, end-use and disposal.

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Our solutions

We make cars cleaner and safer

Our use of advanced polymer technology is helping to make vehicles significantly lighter and more fuel efficient, reducing exhaust emissions including carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulates. These advanced polymers also enable longer driving ranges for hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as playing a critical role in safety components.

We make cable materials safer

In the electronics market, we lead the innovation of safe polymers that are PVC- and halogen-free. These materials make cables safer to dispose of; with 20 million tons of electronic waste being thrown away, some of this waste is burned as scrap, releasing highly toxic fumes.


We make medical gowns comfortable and safe

Our Arnitel® VT is a breathable thermoplastic used in hospital gowns that not only provides great comfort for medical staff, but also keeps them safe by delivering a 100% barrier against fluids, bacteria and even viruses. What’s more it’s 100% recyclable, with no perfluorinated chemicals – a far superior alternative to traditional materials.

We make small-engine fuel tanks more eco-friendly

Born out of the need for a more eco-friendly product after stricter emissions regulations, Akulon Fuel Lock emerged as a functional replacement for the HDPE materials commonly used for small-engine fuel tanks.


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