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Product stewardship and safety

Managing the impact of our products

Go beyond compliance

Regulatory bodies and end consumers – through their guidelines and spending power respectively – are increasingly demanding transparency and clarity on production processes and the choice of material ingredients.

At DSM Engineering Materials, we go beyond compliance – which is a minimum requirement – to address the concerns of our customers and society at large through robust product stewardship and safety practices. Specifically, we design our solutions to be as safe as possible at all stages of the product lifecycle – from production and processing to use and disposal.

A fully embedded approach

Product stewardship is fully embedded in our Safety Health and Environment (SHE) strategy and policies. It’s defined as the ‘responsibility to control and minimize all possible safety risks and adverse effects on human or animal health and on the environment, that could be caused by (the substances present in) our products throughout the value chain.’ And it’s based on six defining principles:

Responsible business Taking responsibility to control and minimize safety risks/adverse effects on health and environment caused by substances in products throughout their entire life cycle.
Transparent communication Sharing safety, health and environmental data through proper supply chain communication.
Compliance Complying with all applicable and relevant legislations and regulations worldwide that affect products.
Innovate safer ingredients Selecting safer ingredients in the development of new and improved products and processes.
Stakeholder involvement Engaging with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to foster new opportunities.
Organization Having Product Stewardship policies in place, integrated with the business.

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Direct and easy access to our broad portfolio of high-performance plastics: explore our bio- and/or recycled-based grades or order a sample. You can also simply ask our sustainability experts.

Our solutions for safer material choices

PFC-free alternative for breathable membranes in outdoor clothing

Arnitel VT is a very flexible thermoplastic elastomer that is 100% waterproof but also highly breathable and comfortable. The material contains no PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) and is 100% recyclable.

PVC-free and halogen-free solutions for Wires & Cables

Arnitel XG thermoplastic copolyester (TPC) is the alternative for PVC in DC and AC power cables as well as data cables such as USB (Universal Serial Bus) or HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)

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