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Time to close the loop

With the world facing major environmental challenges, the time for circularity is now.

So, to enable customers to produce more sustainable, close material loops, and fulfill circular and net-zero ambitions, DSM has introduced its Simply Circular™ agenda to help shape a more circular future together for a range of industries – from automotive, electrics & electronics, consumer goods, packaging, sports & leisure and beyond. 

Sustainable sourcing

As we work to minimize the use of fossil feedstocks, we are transitioning to sustainable sourcing solutions. What does this involve? Well, basically a transition to recycled- and/or bio-based feedstocks, which can enable low-carbon solutions. In many cases, we use a mass-balance approach to trace the recycled- or bio-based content back to its various sources and limit our consumption of fossil fuel-based resources.

Enabling circularity 

To truly drive the circular economy, we need to make the transition as easy as possible for our customers. How are we doing this? By designing more sustainable and low carbon footprint solutions – including recycle- and/or bio-based alternatives for our portfolio – with the same specifications and performance, avoiding the need for requalification or retooling. 

Simple solutions 

Alongside our bio- and recycled-based materials, our digital tools and product development support make it extra easy for you to embrace circularity, by simplifying material selection and application. Just some of these  simple solutions include our PlasticsFinder, the Circular Transition Indicators (CTI) Tool by WBCSD and Circular IQ, mass-balance certifications, and carbon footprint life cycle assessments (LCAs).

Simply Circular™: Let’s go from linear to circular – together

By rethinking our value chains, we can give materials new lives, again and again. Together we can move away from the take, make and dispose society. Learn how Simply Circular™ helps make this happen.

A wide range of industry successes

Through our pioneering of circular solutions and technical support, we have already helped our partners stay ahead of the curve, delivering important industry milestones – from electrics and sports apparel to food packaging and beyond. And, together with our customers, we’ll continue to drive a planet-positive future.  


The first-ever range of switches made from recycled ocean plastic with Schneider Electric.

Sports apparel

Bio-based waterproof, windproof membranes for sports clothing with Sympatex. 

Food packaging 

The world’s first recycled packaging for gluten-free bread with Dr. Schar.

Our recycled- and bio-based alternatives

DSM’s broad portfolio of recycle- and/or bio-based solutions contain solutions for a wide range of applications – from sports apparels and electronic devices to consumer goods, automotive parts and beyond – developed by drawing on our expertise and high-performance materials. That’s how we’re helping enable circular transitions across multiple industries.

Akulon® RePurposed

100% recycled polymer, made from abandoned fishing nets

Akulon® CRC-MB

A recycled-based film for packaging applications

Stanyl® B-MB

Up to 100% bio-based, mass balancing solution for demanding applications


A bio-based, high-performance, PA410 polyamide

Arnitel® Eco

A high performance thermoplastic co-polyester made from rapeseed oil

Arnitel® B-MB

A mass-balanced, drop-in alternative for fossil based Arnitel®

Partnering to make an impact 

Driving the transition to a circular economy isn’t something we can do alone. We’re already working with our partners and customers to design products that help minimize waste and pollution while further lowering carbon footprints. Ask our sustainability experts for more information!

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