Connect with DSM at Gulfood Manufacturing 2022

Discover our consumer inspired concepts

More than ever, consumers want to enjoy it all – from plant-powered products, to fortified energy drinks to healthier snacks.

More than ever, consumers want to enjoy it all. Products need to deliver on Taste, Texture and Health - all while keeping sustainability in mind.

Pleasing consumers isn’t an easy job. Which is why at Gulfood Manufacturing the DSM Food & Beverage team will be showcasing a range of innovative consumer inspired concepts and solutions that help you deliver winning product that deliver on taste, texture and health (for both people and planet). Now you can see, feel, taste – and enjoy - it all for yourself.  And here’s what will be on display.

Meet our meat alternatives

We can help you create tasty, nutritious and sustainable signature meat and fish alternative products with our versatile flavors, hydrocolloids and plant-derived proteins.

At Gulfood we will showcase our signature meat-alternative burger powered by DSM Taste Solutions and pea protein. Come and taste it.

Savor the flavor

Explore our broad portfolio of yeast extracts, flavors and plant proteins. Our solutions give you the flexibility and freedom to create delicious, nutritious and distinct flavor profiles with the right texture and mouthfeel, all while achieving a clean label declaration.​

At Gulfood we have several demonstrations ready for you to taste what our solutions can mean for your products. Including a reduced fat chocolate drink which taste excellent with our taste modulator Modumax®.

Leverage your beverage

We have the solutions and knowledge to deliver the best possible sustainable beverages to satisfy the unique taste and nutritional needs of your consumers – all supported by our portfolio of vitamins, nutritional lipids, plant proteins, sweeteners and premixes.

Sample our various energy drink prototypes that address different health benefit solutions and lifestyle needs. We have examples that energize the body to expand its limits by addressing muscle function, endurance and recovery, as well as eye health. We will also showcase an example with a unique blend of nutrients and energizing ingredients from plant-based sources.

Consumer friendly confectionary

DSM delivers a range of vitamins, plant-derived hydrocolloids, solutions for acrylamide reduction and natural colorants to add health benefits to your confectionery and bakery products. With our label-friendly ingredients, we can help customers reduce eco-footprint of their products.

Explore how we can help create confectionery products (like muffins) that have great taste and texture, while also being healthier and sustainable.

Let's bake!

Let's discuss how our family of proven baking enzymes, preservation systems and ingredient solutions meet changing consumer needs. Our team of baking experts is ready to meet you at the booth.

Fresh Dairy

With our broad portfolio, for Fresh Dairy you get science-based ingredients, expertise and solutions specifically adapted to your dairy application and production process. 

Try our appetizing Stay Strong Ayran/Doogh concept that’s enriched with vitamins and probiotics. Or our Yes Yogurt! concept: a mild set yogurt with a traditional note that is produced in a more efficient way.

Get the balance right with your cheese

Great taste and texture are fundamentals in the cheese business. Learn how our cultures optimize cheese production while improving cheese flavor and quality. We have some delicious cheese for you on the booth to taste what we can do.

Taste texture and Health - Enjoy it al

We provide solutions across a broad food and beverage portfolio, including Dairy; Plant-based Alternatives; Beverage & Brewing; Oils & Fats; Savory; and Bakery & Confectionery. We would love to work with you to create the best possible final products to satisfy the unique tastes and nutritional needs of your consumers. All without having to choose between taste, texture and health, or the planet. We look forward to seeing you at Gulfood to discuss how we can support your specific food manufacturing activities.

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