Evandro Oliveira de Souza

Business Director Beverages

Business Director Beverages

Evandro Oliveira de Souza is Global Business Director in Food Specialty Ingredients and steers the Global Cheese Ingredients market segment with a focus on Dairy Cultures, Media, Coagulant Enzymes, Ripening Enzymes and Taste Enhancer Enzymes. With extensive experience in the fast-moving consumer goods industry and with chemical and biotechnology ingredients at companies like Unilever, BASF and IFF, he is passionate about sustainability and the influence of high-end biotechnology on key societal challenges.

Evandro has worked at DSM since 2011, where he held the position of Business Director in Latin America prior to his current role. His experience in working throughout Latin America, in Europe and in the United States coupled with his broad B2C and B2B knowledge makes him a highly valued partner in the global food specialty market. Evandro holds a degree in Chemistry and different business specializations from Oxford University in the UK, Harvard, MIT, Columbia and Wharton universities in the USA.

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