Helma Stolze-Lagerweij

Global Application Manager Baking

Global Application Manager Baking

Expert Hemla Stolze-Lagerweij

Helma Stolze-Lagerweij is Global Application Manager Baking at DSM Food Specialties. A Dutch national with a background in Applied Food Science, she has a passion for baking science and thrives on finding optimal solutions for customers. She has worked for DSM, within the DSM Food Specialties baking team, since 2009 and is based in Delft.

Prior to joining DSM, Helma worked as a product developer in the B2B and B2C snacks and baking industry, where she gained insight into the complexity of product development and experience in translating customers’ demands into innovative, appealing products.  

Helma is fascinated with the functionality and extensive possibilities enzymes offer. She particularly enjoys connecting with DSM’s scientists to learn about the various mechanisms of these solutions and how they can create new possibilities in the baking industry. In her role, Helma works closely with DSM’s local technical baking experts to ensure our customers receive optimal support.

She is proud to be part of the DSM baking team, which allows her to be a true partner to customers and help them achieve their goals. 

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