Theo Wijsman

Application Manager Beverages

Application Manager Beverages

Brewing is all about passion. With more than 30 years’ experience in the brewing industry, Theo knows that like nobody else. His own brewing career began when he started experimenting at home in the early 80’s. Soon he realized that brewing is a complex process that requires curiosity, skill and good quality raw materials.

His experience at Heineken, where he has worked for more than two decades, has made him into the brewing expert he is today. With solid education in Analytical Chemistry and Brewing Technology added to that, he can solve any challenge, great or small, at local, craft or international brewers, making him a valuable partner to any customer in this highly innovative industry.

At DSM, Theo is passionate about connecting customers to practical and sustainable solutions that help them create great tasting beer that consumers will love. He loves complex challenges where his expertise can add value to the brewing process, brewing efficiency and the quality of the beer. What makes Theo smile is to see that the customer can meet his goals in terms of product quality, value and efficiency and that the consumer gets a great beer product to enjoy!

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