In the food industry, we believe sustainability will be even more important in the future than it is today.

That's why we are creating solutions relevant to population growth, resource constraints, food security, climate change, and energy concerns. Our solutions enable food producers to reduce their water and energy consumption, get more out of raw materials, and put an end to food waste. We are also committed to sustainability in our own production processes, and have set ambitious targets to reduce GHG emissions, and increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy...

Our sustainable solutions

Sustainability is at the heart of our company and our innovation strategy. DSM is committed to supporting healthy food choices that help keep both people and the planet healthy: Healthy diets for all within planetary boundaries. Read on below for a few examples of solutions created for the food industry, or explore Healthy diets for all on the DSM corporate website. 

More efficient cheese production

Pack-Age® is a cheese-ripening solution that replaces naturally ripened and coated cheese, which allows cheese producers to tackle waste, cost and environmental impact. Using Pack-Age across the cheese industry would prevent the loss of around 200,000 tons of Gouda and Parmesan cheeses per year. 

Getting more from your fruit

DSM's Rapidase® Smart Color and Rapidase® Pro Color enzymes have been specially developed for efficient processing of berry juices and to release the fruit's vibrant color and antioxidants. They help achieve the highest possible juice yield, increasing from 75% yield to 95% in many cases.

Reducing food waste in dairy

Delvo®Guard is a range of clean label protective cultures that prevent yeast and mold growth in dairy products and extend shelf life without sacrificing taste or texture. Delvo®Guard benefits both consumers and the planet by reducing unnecessary food waste benefits both consumers and the planet by reducing unnecessary food waste. 

Promoting healthier choices

Sustainability in the food industry also refers to healthier food and beverage options that taste as great as their full-fat, -sugar, or -salt versions. ModuMax® is our natural taste modulation solution that restores the taste profile in a wide range of food and beverages, such as sugar-reduced soy milk, low-fat yogurt, and low-salt soups.

100% renewable electricity in Delft

DSM is committed to contributing to sustainability throughout the supply chain. In 2018, we reached a milestone with DSM Food Specialties activities at our site in Delft, The Netherlands, which is now operating on 100% renewable electricity. This is all part of DSM's company-wide commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

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