Maxapal® A2

Improve the emulsifying properties in liquid egg yolk and whole egg

For producing heat stable liquid egg yolk and heat stable yolk powder, with improved emulsifying properties. Improve liquid egg white foaming properties

Maxapal® A2 enzyme from DSM is used to modify egg yolks and give egg yolk-based products superior emulsion properties. Offering mayonnaise and sauce manufacturers high viscosity and exceptional heat stability and shelf life, Maxapal® A2 offers all the benefits of traditional products and is easily incorporated into existing production processes.

By converting the lecithin in eggs into lysolecithin, Maxapal® A2 helps produce an emulsion with high physical stability. Mayonnaises and salad dressings made with Maxapal® A2 have higher viscosity than those based on untreated egg yolks, so less oil is required for the product. This offers manufacturers the possibility of reducing costs or offering "light" products.

Oil-in-water emulsions made with Maxapal® A2 are heat stable up to 800˚C, unlike untreated egg yolk-based products, and can therefore be pasteurized ensuring higher microbial safety and a longer shelf life. Maxapal® A2, a microbial enzyme produced by fermentation, is certified as both Kosher and Halal.

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Exceptional Heat Stability

Products made with Maxapal® A2 are heat stable up to 800˚C

Easy to use  

Easily incorporated into existing production processes

High Yield

Increased viscosity in end products hence less oil is required 

Fully declarable ingredient  

Certified as Kosher and Halal

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