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Are you striving to create differentiated and on-trend sauces, dips & spreads that deliver the sensory, health and sustainability that consumers are increasingly looking for?

Whether it’s burger and BBQ sauces, mayonnaise, or salad dressings we can help you build richer, deeper and more authentic taste tailored to local preferences with our customized taste solutions, process flavors and yeast extracts. Our savory application experts have co-developed thousands of winning recipes with our customers over the years. So why not benefit from this experience and let’s rewrite the recipes book together!

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Meet our three new concepts for sauces, dips & spreads

We know that meeting growing consumer demand for fun and indulgent - yet nutritious and sustainable condiments is not an easy job. How can you tick all these boxes while delivering the health claim positioning and cleaner labels that we know are increasingly key to consumer purchasing decisions?

To provide a little inspiration our experts have created three tasty new plant-based product concepts that showcase how we can help you create delicious sauces, dips & spreads that are worth dipping into. As ever, these concepts and the ingredients within them are complemented by our experts’ deep expertise in everything from nutritional science; to regulatory; to health and label claims; to increased processing efficiency. We’re a lot more than an ingredient company. With DSM you get the whole solution.

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This creamy treat is an assault on the senses with its deep unami and anchovy flavor and mouthfeel with hints of Italian cheese; and an appetizingly natural cream-color. In addition to hitting all the right sensory notes, our plant-based Caesar salad dressing is allergen-free and Nutri-Score improved.

Key DSM ingredients: 

  • Gistex® and Multirome® yeast extracts
  • Dairy type flavors
  • ModuMax® natural flavor modulator
  • Maxavor® Fish YE flavors
  • Beta-Carotene natural colorant

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Our delicious tomato sauce provides the same nutrition as a plate filled with spinach, peas and carrots - in one simple serving. Ideal for parents who need to get nutrition into their kids fast, it has a Nutri-Score A and great flavor – which can be further boosted in a clean-label way with our taste elevation solutions.

Key DSM ingredients:

  • Custom nutritional premix
  • Maxavor®Gourmet Mirepoix vegetarian taste elevator

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Perfect for fun indulgence without the guilt, this delicious and nutritious cheesy flavored ‘hummus-type’ dip contains butter beans, flavored with our best savory and dairy flavors; along with our fava bean flour. Best of all, this plant-based dip carries a Nutri-Score A. Viva veggie snacking!

Key DSM ingredients:

  • Gistex® and Maxarome® yeast extracts
  • Dairy flavors
  • ModuMax® natural flavor modulator
  • Vertis™ faba bean flour
  • Beta-Carotene natural colorant

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Maxavor®Gourmet Mirepoix

Maxavor®Gourmet Mirepoix - created by using our unique (patented) technology- is a powerful, full body, vegetable taste elevation ingredient, based on plain vegetable ingredients (carrot, onion and lovage; called ‘mirepoix’ in French cuisine) and can also be clean labelled as such. Our Mirepoix is allergen-free, vegan, natural, Kosher and Halal.

Vertis™ faba bean flour

Our canola, pea and faba-based TVPs simulate the texture of meat and fish in a sustainable way and come in a range of different sizes and formats to suit a broad range of applications – including beef, pork, chicken, and fish.

VERTIS™ Textured vegetable proteins | DSM Food & Beverage

ModuMax® natural flavor modulator

Ideal for improving taste and masking undesirable off-notes in plant-based products that contain added nutrition and higher protein content. Not only is ModuMax® proven; it’s also a natural solution. 

ModuMax® | DSM Food & Beverage


These natural process flavors cover many cooking styles and taste directions. While varying in intensity and complexity, every one gives you outstanding quality and consistency - for food that tastes true with recognizable profiles.

Maxavor® | DSM Food & Beverage

Nutritional premixes

Our experts can help you identify, assemble and incorporate the right nutrients into your products, with custom nutrient premixes and high-quality blends of functional ingredients.

Premixes | DSM Food & Beverage

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