Chinese Consumers reaching for better-for-you food and beverages

There is an old Chinese say that says, “Diet cures more than doctors.” When speaking of health, Chinese people believe food matters most.

In recent years however, healthcare officials in the country have become concerned about the rise in obesity and non-communicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease. In 2016, the Chinese government introduced the Healthy China 2030 plan, with plans to promote healthier living and physical fitness.

As a result, Chinese consumers are increasingly aware of the role food plays in their health and are reaching for packaged foods that can help them maintain their weight and blood glucose levels, including products with less sugar, salt and fat. According to Euromonitor’s Chinese Customer survey in 2018, better-for-you packaged food is expected to record a 12% retail value CAGR at constant 2017 prices over the forecast period to reach CNY13.9 billion in 2022. At DSM, we aim to enable healthier diets for people worldwide by offering a broad portfolio of ingredients and solutions that helps food manufacturers to produce better, healthier and more sustainable food and beverages.

At the coming FIC 2019, DSM will bring ModuMax®, our innovative taste modulator that helps create preferred taste profiles in multiple food and beverage applications to the Chinese market.

ModuMax® allows food and beverage manufacturers to grow their business by creating more natural food-plus and food-minus applications that suit healthy lifestyles, by delivering mouthfeel, masking undesirable notes, and improving overall taste impact. 

Visitors to the DSM booth will can taste our sugar-reduced milk coffee and experience the extraordinary taste boosted by ModuMax®.

In China, DSM’s better food offerings also include:

  • Better Yogurt

Largely due to its image of health and wellness in the mind of Chinese consumers, sales of yogurt have witnessed rapid development in recent years. DSM offers a unique combination of cultures, enzymes, and nature-based preservation solutions that enable dairy producers to deliver premium taste and texture in fermented milk products and reduce added sugar in a natural way.

  • Better Milk

Lactose intolerance is a big issue for Chinese people. DSM enables healthy, lactose-free milk for Chinese consumers with our leading lactases Maxilact® and antibiotic residue milk tests.

  • Better Snacks

Chinese consumers can find hundreds of snack variations in a Chinese supermarket featuring all kinds of flavors. DSM enables healthy and tasty snacks with PreventASe® to reduce acrylamide levels and Basetex™ to enhance mouthfeel.

In DSM, we believe that better food and beverage products should be affordable and accessible to everyone. We work together with our partners in China and all around the world to enable them to respond faster with better food for everyone.

DSM at Food Ingredients China

To learn more about better food solutions, come to meet us at DSM Booth (51N40/51O41) at FIC 2019 on March 18-20, in Shanghai, China.

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