DSM at The International Cheese and Dairy Awards

Meet us at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards 2021

21 October 2021 | Bingley Hall, Staffordshire

These annual awards act as a barometer for the global dairy industry: dictating new trends, introducing innovation, celebrating traditional cheesemakers and putting a spotlight on excellence in the industry.

Come to our booth and enjoy tasting a selection of cheeses and see for yourself what our solutions can do for your cheese.

  • The Flavor Wheel™ concept is based on our broad range of adjunct cultures, proven over 50 years, which add signature flavour profiles to all kinds of cheese, from Gouda and Cheddar to Monterey Jack. The result: award-winning cheese with excellent taste and texture – and faster ripening times.
  • Maxiren® XDS; Discover the benefits of our fermentation-produced chymosin, Maxiren® XDS delivers higher yields (up to 1.5%) for all cheese types, with higher whey quality, and the highest levels of firmness and sliceability.  And it delivers a 12% lower carbon footprint with up to 15% less waste and bitterness.
  • Delvo®Phage test kit: our unique, digital phage  detection solution. By enabling a more consistent cheese production process,  this easy-to-use qPRC test increases your production capacity and improves  quality cheese yield - while reducing product downgrades and waste. 

And of course we are also available to discuss your particular cheese challenge to see how we can help you differentiate on taste and texture, improve your functionality and efficiency, and maintain dependable coagulation and acidification.

For more information visit the webpage of the event.