Ingrid Damen

Global Business Development Manager

Ingrid Damen is the Global Business Manager Biopreservation at DSM. She has a passion for promoting sustainability and is an expert in building new markets in the food and beverage sector. In her role at DSM, she focuses on furthering the growth and development of the biopreservation landscape to help reduce food waste globally, by naturally extending the shelf life of dairy, baked goods and beverage products.

Ingrid has a master’s degree in biotechnology from the University of Twente (UT) and has been active in the biopreservation field for almost 10 years. Her extensive experience allows Ingrid to fully understand the preservation challenges that today’s food and beverage manufacturers face and help them create safe products with a longer shelf life, without comprising on quality or taste. Her in-depth knowledge of the sector, business development expertise and passion for food waste reduction make her the ideal partner to our customers wishing to develop longer-lasting, high-quality, great-tasting food and beverage products.

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