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Beverage ingredients and solutions by DSM

DSM offers a range of specialty enzymes, taste modulation, and biopreservation ingredients that enable beverage producers to create high-quality, great-tasting, efficiently and sustainably produced beverages.

Consumers today are asking for more from their beverages. They are looking for premium, sustainably-produced beverages with great taste, whether they are reaching for an organic fruit juice or a local craft beer. We help beverage producers capture the opportunities by producing more great tasting and efficiently produced beverages for everyone.  

Our enzymes for fruit juice can increase yield, shorten production times, clarify juice, intensify juice color, and capture more healthy antioxidants in berry juices. We also offer natural beverage preservation solutions that extend shelf life without compromising taste. Our brewing enzymes help brewers to reduce cost, gain control of the conditioning process, improve yield, and create gluten-free varieties, all while producing high-quality, great-tasting beer.

Beverage product applications

Our solutions improve efficiency and help producers gain control of their process while producing great-tasting, high-quality products for consumers.


If you’re looking to improve your brewing efficiency and sustainability with consistently higher quality beer at lower costs…look no further than our range of brewing enzymes. We give you control over your production processes – supported by our global team of brew masters who will help you produce consistently clear, high quality beer wherever you operate, and whatever your specific beer challenge.


Biotech products (yeast, enzymes or mannoproteins) play a key role in winemaking - from fermenting grape sugar into alcohol, to increasing volume, enhancing wine quality and improving its stability when bottled. Developed by our winemaking experts in close collaboration with leading oenological universities and institutes, we produce and supply a complete range of specially designed wine biotechnology ingredients for selected oenological applications.

Fruit juice

Our portfolio of 50-plus enzymes can help you get more out of fruits and vegetables for your juices. More and clearer juice, faster processing, and more intense color are just some of the benefits our easy-to-use fruit processing enzymes have been bringing to customers worldwide for the past 30 years. Our biopreservation ingredients provide trusted, natural shelf life extension with absolutely no compromise on taste.