Enzymes for beer production

Easy-to-use brewing enzymes

The performance of our portfolio of beer enzymes is supported by the brightest science. Enzymes are processing aids that specifically deliver a functional or process benefit. It could be producing beer faster, simpler, cost effectively, and in a more sustainable way. All of which gives you better control over the brewing process regardless of what type of operation you run or which raw ingredients you use. 

Our brewing enzymes are extremely easy-to-use and can be added to your existing production processes simply and quickly.

In fact, when it comes to enzymes we’re a truly reliable partner with 100-plus years’ experience in enzyme production across a whole range of industries from brewing to baking to fruit processing. Most importantly, our global team of brew masters can provide viable solutions to your challenges, whether related to raw materials or processes - delivering the highest quality beer at the lowest price.

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Brewers Clarex®

Brewers Clarex® is easy to use and streamlines stabilization.

Brewers Compass®

Replace malt and produce beer from unmalted barley for a more cost-effective, beer.


Improve mash efficiency and shorten filtration times, our Filtrase™ range.