Cheddar cheese

A wide range of solutions for Cheddar cheese

Everything you need to produce Cheddar cheese

With excellent shelf life and flavor, cheddar is perhaps the world’s favorite cheese, and definitely so in the UK and the US. From young to mature, hundreds of varieties are enjoyed worldwide and tastes vary from country to country. Most cheddar is produced for young consumption, or as a raw material for processed cheese. Suitable for shredding and with optimum meltability, cheddar cheese is ideal for several types of applications, from salads to soups.

Meet the ever-changing needs of consumers with our range of specialty ingredients for cheddar. Whether you look for speed and process optimization for cheddar, or for balanced flavor on cheddar or shredding and slicing functionality, DSM is the perfect partner for creating specific flavor and texture.

Our application experts can help you get the very most from your cheese production while meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers. 

Delvo®Cheese-CH range

Starter cultures for Cheddar.

Delvo®ADD adjuncts

Adjuncts to differentiate and build a unique rich flavor.

Flavor Wheel™

Give your cheese flavor profile a twist with our unique FlavorWheel™ concept.

Ceska® Star

Starter cultures and Adjunct cultures to differentiate cheese flavor and texture.


The purest microbial coagulants.


The most specific fermentation produced chymosin coagulants.

Milase® Premium

The next-generation microbial coagulant.


Kalase® is the animal coagulant, or rennet, brand. 


Enzymes that accelerate the cheese ripening process.


Pack-Age® is a high-tech packaging solution for naturally ripening cheese.


Customized solutions for every region delivering superior performance and microbial protection– with an appetizing appearance.


Superior performance and microbial protection with an appetizing appearance in a range of colors for every region and application.


Natamycin-based biopreservation solution.

Dairy Safe™

Label-friendly bioprotection for your cheese.


The gold standard for antibiotic residue testing.