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Mozzarella is a traditionally southern Italian cheese made from Italian buffalo milk by the pasta filata method. In the mozzarella cheese types, attributes such as meltability, whiteness, elasticity, gumminess and chewiness can help you create higher value. Finding the ideal coagulant which possesses the right gelation properties and prevents protein degradation during ripening can be a difficult task.

Our application knowledge, combined with our wide range of mozzarella cheese solutions, will help you create the properties you need. 

Supported by our people and products and 100 years’ industry experience, we’ll make your Mozzarella cheese a true, lasting success.

NEW: Delvo®Cheese CP-500, stretch your mozzarella yield by up to 1.3%

DSM adds a new culture to the existing mozzarella portfolio, Delvo®Cheese CP-500. This culture packs more moisture into your mozzarella - unlocking a yield increase of up to 1.3%. With improved stretchiness and meltability, it's also great news for pizza loves.

Delvo®Cheese-CP range

Starter cultures for Mozzarella.

Delvo®ADD adjuncts

Adjuncts to differentiate and build a unique rich flavor.


The purest microbial coagulants.


The most specific Fermentation Produced Chymosin coagulants.


Leading lactase enzymes for lactose-free applications.


Natamycin-based natural preservation solution.


Protective cultures.


The gold standard for antibiotic residue testing.

Taste that taps into local preferences.

A solution for every desired texture.

Production efficiency.

Solutions for less salt or fat.

Excellent phage resistance.

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