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Savory Taste Solutions by DSM

DSM is a leading global supplier of savory taste solutions and serves the savory industry in almost every category, from bouillons, soups, noodles, snacks, sauces, and ready meals, to vegetarian, meat analogues or meat products. Our taste building blocks, consisting of yeast extracts and process flavors, can be used for basic taste donation, all the way up to advanced taste enhancement. DSM’s savory ingredients portfolio is mainly focused on natural solutions.

As a true industry partner in the savory industry we know what drives development in the snacks, instant, fresh & frozen processed foods isles. On a mission to enable better food for everyone, we offer customized savory ingredients and taste solutions that comply with consumer demand for less salt, fat and sugar, and less meat.

Just like over a century ago - when our history as a producer of baker’s yeast began - taste determines consumer preference and the success of a food product. While health is a driver for today’s consumer, no one is going to change their ways of eating if they don’t find their food enjoyable. To develop these winning authentic, artisanal, and unique savory food formats that taste great, we are passionately driven to work together with our customers.  And with nearly 150 years’ experience in developing ingredients for the food industry, we clearly have a lot of knowledge that our customers can use to capture the opportunities in today’s and tomorrow’s market.

  • Basic savory taste | DSM Food Specialties

    DSM offers savory ingredients and solutions to create a full savory taste foundation in a wide range of applications. Our basic taste building block provides the right taste complexity, especially when it comes to umami notes.

  • Taste direction | DSM Food Specialties

    DSM offers a wide range of natural process flavors to drive taste direction and create taste you can build on. Add roast notes or meat flavors to recipes and create food that tastes good and feels real.

  • Taste enhancement | DSM Food Specialties

    DSM helps to enhance overall flavor and intensify salty, meaty and umami taste with our natural yeast extracts. Whether it's for potato chips, cheese snacks, bouillons or noodle soups: Our yeast extract deliver delicious taste.

  • Taste modulation | DSM Food Specialties

    DSM is a leading provider of taste modulation solutions which help create preferred taste profiles in beverages & food products that contain high intensity sweeteners or are lower in fat.

Savory product applications

Our products help create the desired taste in a wide range of savory applications from soups and bouillons to meat products, meat analogues and ready meals. 

Soups & Bouillons

Looking for deep soup flavor? Our range of savory ingredients and solutions helps enhance soup products in various directions - from dry and powdered soups and bouillons, to instant, canned and pouch-based soups. Besides bringing an authentic taste to any recipe, we can also help with sodium reduction or with controlling the costs of formulations – which is good for people and profit. Building flavor in an instant chicken soup? Creating an authentic beef noodle soup without the beef? Combining our savory ingredients in a unique customer solution is what we do best. Click below to get more information on our ingredients and  their functionality in soups & bouillons and get in touch with us to find out more.

Ready Meals

From frozen pizza to instant noodles, from pasta to chilled lasagna, our process flavors and yeast extracts guide taste in ready meals – whether chilled or frozen. 

Our ingredients compliment any formulation to help you take taste in a unique new direction for ready meal seasoning.

Snack Seasonings

We give snacks flavor. In fact, from crisps and chips to savory crackers and cured meats, we help food manufacturers drive taste in new directions (while at the same time reducing salt). For example, in oriental-style snacks - where very small quantities of our yeast extracts and process flavors will enable a tastier, more versatile product. 

Sauces & Dressings

For sauce flavors - whether it’s burger and BBQ sauces, mayonnaise, or salad dressings - we can help build authentic taste tailored to local preferences (for example through pungent garlic and onion flavor ingredients). Or… our ingredients can strengthen flavor profiles to provide richer taste. Whatever the need, we have the right solution.  

For instance, creating a ranch dressing with a rich, creamy and lingering taste? The answer is a combination of our unique yeast extracts – Maxarome® Select and Multirome® LS to boost flavor in various directions in a natural delicious way. 

Delicious taste in meat or meat analogue applications

From chicken taste to beef taste, our savory ingredients are ideal for use in seasonings and marinades for a variety of meats – from cooked hams and cured meats to chicken nuggets and burgers. Our ingredients will also bring authentic meat taste to meat analogue products. In line with market trends, our solutions help improve flavor while reducing the salt. For instance, our Maxarome® Select yeast extract adds authentic burger flavor, without all the salt.