Meat & meat analogues

Culinary experience for meat & meat-free applications

Create unique, delicious meat taste with savory taste solutions from DSM

Whether you are looking to add culinary chicken, white meat or beef flavor in seasonings or marinades, our meatless process flavors and yeast extracts are ideal for use in a variety of meat applications – from cooked hams and cured meats to chicken nuggets and burgers. They add specific meat directions with a brothy umami taste and mouthfeel and are available in a variety of preparations.

Our ingredients will also bring authentic meat taste to meat analogue products. In line with market trends, our solutions help improve flavor while reducing the salt. For instance, our Maxarome® Select yeast extract adds authentic burger flavor, without all the salt.

Our savory application experts have worked on thousands of customer recipes over the years. Why not benefit from this experience and develop future recipes together with our application specialists? We embrace these partnerships as a way for our customers to maximize the value they get from working with DSM.


Specific roast, meat and tomato flavors to give authentic and homestyle taste to meat and tomato flavored products.


Mild roast spice base in different flavors such as onion, garlic, and pepper, for application in meat flavored and meat analogue products.

Gistex® HUM LS

Premium low sodium natural yeast extract, complex and full bouillon taste, very rich in natural glutamic acid, powerful umami and taste contribution.

Maxarome® PLUS

Yeast extract for powerful taste perception enhancement, with a meaty and brothy flavor. 


Multirome® LS

Cost-effective, natural taste enhancement with delivery of fatty mouthfeel, distinct and rich umami taste, source of naturally occurring 5’-GMP and 5’-IMP. 

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