Ready meals

Create unique taste with savory applications

Create unique taste with savory taste solutions

From frozen pizza to instant noodles, from pasta to chilled lasagna, our process flavors and yeast extracts guide taste in ready meals – whether chilled or frozen.  

Our ingredients compliment any formulation to help you take taste in a unique new direction for ready meal seasoning. Not only do we provide the basic and advanced savory taste solutions food manufacturers need to create authentic and winning tastes in ready meals, we will also add the expertise of our application specialists, so our customers can maximize the value they get from working with DSM.  

Click on the products below for their functionality in ready meals and get in touch with us to find out more.


Yeast extracts that help build taste naturally by bringing out and balancing the overall taste profile of culinary ready meals.


Cost-effective yeast extract, savory cornerstone that helps build specific taste directions in all possible ready meal applications.


It intensifies savory taste profiles in cheese applications, snack seasonings and ready


Process flavors for a specific roast, meat and tomato flavors to give authentic and homemade taste to all sorts of ready meals.


Process flavors for a mild roast spice base in different flavors such as onion, garlic, and pepper, for application in ready meals.


Balances a clean bouillon taste and helps to build a savory taste foundation without adding specific flavor notes.


Expresa® brewers’ yeast extracts help to build a full savory taste foundation in a wide range of ready meals.