Sauces & dressings

Create unique and winning taste

Create unique taste with savory taste solutions from DSM

Looking for unique winning taste for your sauces and dressings?  Whether it’s burger and BBQ sauces, mayonnaise, or salad dressings – our customized taste solutions, process flavors and yeast extracts can help build authentic taste tailored to local preferences (for example through pungent garlic and onion flavor ingredients). Or our ingredients can strengthen flavor profiles to provide richer taste. 

Our savory application experts have worked on thousands of customer recipes over the years. Why not benefit from this experience and develop future recipes together with our application specialists? We embrace these partnerships as a way for our customers to maximize the value they get from working with DSM. For instance, creating a ranch dressing with a rich, creamy and lingering taste? Our answer is a combination of our unique yeast extracts – Maxarome® Select and Multirome® LS to boost flavor in various directions in a natural delicious way. And we have many more examples to show and tell.


Yeast extracts that help build taste naturally by bringing out and balancing the overall taste profile of culinary ready meals.


Cost-effective yeast extract, savory cornerstone that helps build specific taste directions in all possible ready meal applications.


It intensifies savory taste profiles in cheese applications, snack seasonings and ready


Process flavors for a specific roast, meat and tomato flavors to give authentic and homemade taste to all sorts of ready meals.


Process flavors for a mild roast spice base in different flavors such as onion, garlic, and pepper, for application in ready meals.


Balances a clean bouillon taste and helps to build a savory taste foundation without adding specific flavor notes.


Expresa® brewers’ yeast extracts help to build a full savory taste foundation in a wide range of ready meals.