Soups & bouillons

Bringing authentic taste to your recipes

Create basic & enhanced taste

If you’re looking for deep soup flavor, our range of savory ingredients helps enhance your products in various directions for all possible formats - from dry and powdered soups and bouillons, to instant, canned and pouch-based soups. Besides bringing an authentic taste to your recipes, we can also help with sodium reduction or with controlling the costs of your recipe – good for people and for profit. 

Building flavor in an instant chicken soup? Creating an authentic beef noodle soup without the beef? Combining our savory ingredients in a unique customer solution is what we do best. 


Balances a clean bouillon taste and helps to build a savory taste foundation without adding specific flavor notes.


Yeast extracts that help build taste naturally by bringing out and balancing the overall taste profile of culinary ready meals.


Cost-effective yeast extract, savory cornerstone that helps build unique and specific taste directions in all possible soup and bouillon applications.


Yeast extracts for specific roast, meat and chicken taste direction with a brothy, umami taste and mouthfeel for a homemade taste to soups and bouillons.  


Process Flavors for instant freshly cooked culinary vegetable and spice flavors such as union, garlic, and pepper for soups and bouillons.