Taste enhancement

Savory cornerstone for taste enhancement

Enhance overall flavor and intensify salty, meaty and umami taste-enhancement

Almost every recipe needs taste enhancement to become delicious, whether it's a recipe for potato chips, cheese snacks, bouillons or noodle soups. Yeast extracts are proven and well-known ingredients to do just that: deliver delicious taste. Yeast extracts are all-natural ingredients derived from fresh yeast. In fact, the same type of yeast that is used for bread, wine and beer. Quite simply, in the world of culinary creations yeast extracts will help deliver delicious taste.  

Not only do our yeast extracts add taste, they also bring out the best in existing flavors and balance the overall flavor profile. DSM has a broad range of yeast extracts - each one with a specific functionality or benefit. The result: with our expert guidance, our customers are able to pick and choose the culinary building blocks that best fit their own recipe – and appeal to consumers.


Suitable for clean label and natural cheese applications and cheese-based snack seasonings.


Yeast extract for taste perception enhancement, with a meaty and brothy flavor.


Cost-effective yeast extract, that helps build specific taste directions in all possible snack applications.