Boost your baked goods with Omega-3

Delivering the most trusted source of Omega-3 EPA and DHA from high-quality, pure and sustainable sources

The potential benefits of Omega-3 are increasingly well known to consumers, with some 75% of Europeans now aware of this essential nutrient. However, only 33% of consumers take regular Omega-3 supplements.

It all adds up to a clear opportunity for smart manufacturers looking to meet the needs of consumers looking for a healthier, differentiated, and premium baked goods. Which is why we’ve drawn on our experience as one of the world’s leading producers of nutritional products to create MEG-3® Omega-3 powder.

MEG-3® contains both DHA and EPA, the two types of Omega-3 proven to be most beneficial to our wellbeing - especially heart health, and potentially, eye and brain health.

It can enrich baked goods like fresh and frozen/parbaked white and whole wheat breads and rolls; plus bagels and tortillas – with minimal impact on dough handling, and no adverse effect on the taste or texture of your product.


Fortifies your baked goods with high-quality Omega-3.

Label claim

Allows you to add a label claim such as ‘Source of Omega-3’.

Taste & texture

Has no impact on taste, texture or appearance of your product.


Can be added to fresh or frozen bread, rolls, bagels and tortillas.

Easy to use

Simply add MEG-3® powder to your dry ingredients.

Download Omega-3 recipes for wholegrain bread and frozen flour waffles

MEG-3® is the most trusted source of Omega-3 EPA and DHA which delivers high-quality, pure and sustainably sourced Omega-3 fatty acids. Easy to use, MEG-3® powder can simply be added to your dry ingredients for bread and bakery products, fortifying them with high-quality Omega-3 and boosting nutrition.