Converting lost oil into profit

Enzymes for higher oil yield

Oilseed processors are faced with the continued challenge of improving output whilst reducing costs. Our Purifine® 3G and Purifine PLC enzymes can make a big difference to oil processors, hiking oil yields and increasing the value of meals,  leading to a boost in profit margins. These enzymes work as catalysts to break phospholipids into water-soluble and oil-soluble fragments, forming oil as well as breaking the emulsion formation, making the separation between gum and oil phase more efficient. 

Higher oil yields thus more profit

Higher meal value and less meal fat content

Lower gum volume, less drying

Easier gum and oil separation in centrifuge

No chemical usage, no saponification

How Purifine® 3G works

Purifine 3G (Purifine PLC) enzymes uncouple the oil-soluble and water-soluble parts of phospholipids, increasing oil yield and reducing oil loss. Purifine 3G reduces the gum volume and reduces their ability to form an emulsion. Less emulsion formation means less oil yield loss due to entrained oil, while a lower gum content means cleaner separation of the oil from the heavy phase, and lower fat, higher protein content in the meal.

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