Create irresistible taste and texture, your way

Ceska®Star is our family of mesophilic and thermophilic cultures for cheese and other dairy applications

From our broad range of bulk starter solutions; to direct vat cultures (DVC) cultures and adjuncts, we’ll help you create irresistible taste and texture: in cheese and fresh fermented milk products.

Searching for adjunct cheese cultures? Take our unique Flavor Wheel™ concept for a spin to create a unique flavor profile.

Want to avoid late blowing defects in ripened cheese minus the preservatives? Look no further than our Dairy Safe™ DVC cultures.

Looking to fill a flavor hole in swiss-type cheese? Our Ceska®Star cultures deliver diverse taste profiles from sweet to sharp - as well as DVC mixtures.

Striving to produce standout traditional Gouda-type cheese? You need our Ceska®Star complex starter cultures.

Need the ideal starter culture for fresh fermented mesophilic applications such as quark or sour cream? Our range of Ceska®Star cultures will help you achieve it.

Boost yield

Ceska®Media improve bulk starter yield.

Cost effective

A less expensive alternative to using skimmed milk.

Phage robust

Effective protection against build-up of bacteriophages.

High quality

The highest-quality cultures for high-quality cheese. 

Global application support

Benefit from the experience of our expert dairy team.

Flavor Wheel™

With the Flavor Wheel™ concept can add a special signature flavor profile to your product from our broad range of Ceska®Star adjunct cultures. Choose your direction and we’ll get you there.

Dairy Safe™

This label-friendly range of DVC cultures enables you to avoid late blowing in ripened cheese.  

Ceska®Star cultures for Swiss-type cheese

Gives Swiss-type cheeses a diverse range of taste profiles; while our DVC blends deliver specific functionalities like superior ripening with controlled eye formation.

Ceska®Star complex starter cultures

Ideal for Gouda-type cheese, this range of gas-and non-gas-forming aromatic starter cultures is available in deep-frozen cups and concentrated frozen pellets.

Ceska®Star cultures for mesophilic applications

Our portfolio for Sour Cream, Quark, buttermilk, cream cheese and Twarog deliver properties in taste and texture that match specific recipe and distinctive taste profiles.