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Against the backdrop of viral outbreaks, such as the novel Coronavirus pandemic and seasonal influenza, today’s consumers are more aware than ever of the importance of a strong immune system – in fact, supporting long-term immunity has become a top priority for many. In addition, consumers are increasingly mindful of the benefits of balanced nutrition for immune health, especially in times when the immune system might need to ‘fight back’, driving demand for science-backed nutritional solutions that help to support the body’s natural defenses.

This is creating significant opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers to innovate with faster-acting nutritional solutions made with science-backed, high quality ingredients. However, expanding your product portfolio to include purpose-led food and beverage solutions that deliver real immunity benefits takes more than just ingredients. It takes an end-to-end partner that is inspired by consumers to continuously innovate to meet their needs.

Download our new guide to discover everything you need to know to unlock opportunities in the food and beverage immunity market. It includes the latest nutritional science and demonstrates how DSM can support you with the development of purpose-led products by providing customized solutions and expert services at every stage of a product’s development, from concept to consumption.

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