Inspiring medical nutrition innovation

Six areas for insight-led, targeted medical nutrition developments

Disease-related malnutrition (DRM) can affect patients at any life stage, and is especially prevalent in the elderly. Nutritious meals and fortified foods are recommended in the first instance to achieve the best possible nutritional care in individuals with complex needs. But what if these solutions aren’t enough to achieve the required amounts of essential nutrients? 

Medical nutrition solutions – like oral nutritional supplements, enteral and parenteral nutrition – can help to address DRM in medical settings and care homes. Prescribed by healthcare professionals to complement the normal diet, medical nutrition solutions may support optimal immune function, reduce medical complications and promote the recovery and independence of patients and elderly people.

Moreover, medical nutrition solutions can be formulated to address individual therapeutic areas. Taking a condition-specific approach enables manufacturers to develop targeted and appealing products that address the special nutritional requirements presented in specific patient groups. 

Download our new guide to discover four therapeutic areas where DSM has identified opportunities for insight-led, targeted medical nutrition innovation and how, together, we can develop effective solutions that support health in patients and the elderly.

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