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  • dsm-firmenich and Indena unveiled the next step in their strategic partnership at Vitafoods Europe 2024, showcasing innovative dietary supplement solutions that combine essential nutrients, biotics and botanical extracts in delicious, easy-to-use formats.
  • Since its announcement in 2023, the collaboration has flourished, driven by a shared vision to discover and deliver the next-generation of dietary supplement solutions for human health, leveraging the companies' strong scientific backgrounds and combined technical expertise.  
  • Read on for exclusive insights from the dsm-firmenich and Indena team as they discuss how this dynamic partnership will elevate their existing capabilities and revolutionize customers' solutions across key health areas such as Health from the Gut, brain health and healthy aging.

dsm-firmenich and Indena have revealed the next stage in their strategic partnership, aiming to drive innovation in the dietary supplements industry. By combining essential nutrients, biotics and botanical extracts, they will create appealing and convenient natural supplement solutions. The collaboration, first announced in 2023, stems from a shared vision to discover next-generation dietary supplements for human health.

During Vitafoods Europe 2024, the two companies hosted an exclusive cocktail reception, inviting customers to explore their cutting-edge dietary supplement solutions firsthand and meet with senior leaders. The leaders discussed how the two companies combine their strong scientific backgrounds, innovative natures and technical expertise to usher in a new 'Age of Nature' that will drive the future of nutraceuticals.

Following the event, we spoke with members of the dsm-firmenich and Indena teams to hear about the latest developments in the partnership.

1. What new developments did dsm-firmenich and Indena showcase at Vitafoods Europe 2024?

Paolo Morroni, Innovation Director of Dietary Supplements at dsm-firmenich: The first concept we brought to Vitafoods to illustrate our partnership is our Health from the Gut concept, composed of our Humiome® Post LB, the most studied postbiotic in the world with more than 40 clinical and preclinical studies, and Indena's CUBO™, a combination of Curcumin and Boswellia formulated with Indena's Phytosome™ technology. Humiome® Post LB relieves digestive upset quickly and it's a good combination with CUBO™ because it brings complementary benefits.

Serena Tongiani, Chief Portfolio Officer at Indena: CUBO™ is backed by a robust body of scientific evidence demonstrating its efficacy in supporting digestive health. When combined with dsm-firmenich's clinically proven postbiotic and enhanced with carefully selected flavors to optimize palatability, the resulting solution represents a significant advancement in the realm of gut health supplements.

dsm-firmenich and Indena also presented solutions for healthy aging, like the ampli-D® + Quercefit™ stick powder. This prototype combines dsm-firmenich's advanced calcifediol ingredient, which is clinically proven to raise vitamin D levels 2.5 times faster than conventional vitamin D3 dietary supplements, with Indena's Quercefit™. This ingredient combination offers several benefits for healthy aging, tackling cell overstimulation by clearing senescent cells and protecting healthy ones, as ampli-D® supports a healthy immune system, muscle function, and healthy bones and teeth. It also demonstrates increased efficiency for people who are prone to lower vitamin D levels, like older adults. Quercefit™ uniquely combines quercetin – an effective anti-inflammatory substance that supports healthy aging – with Indena's advanced Phytosome® technology, which improves bioavailability by up to 20 times. This jointly-developed concept targets a high-demand health area while elevating the consumer experience through unique flavor and taste profiles and easy-to-use formats.

2. How is your partnership addressing the growing demand for holistic health solutions, particularly in areas like mental well-being and relaxation?

Serena Tongiani: One of the prototypes we developed aims to support mental well-being and relaxation in our daily lives. We started with our clinically validated ingredient Relissa™, a lemon balm extract formulated with our proprietary Phytosome™ technology. Relissa™ is backed by four published clinical trials demonstrating its efficacy in promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. By combining it with dsm-firmenich's postbiotic, we believe the Humiome® Post LB + Relissa™ gummies can offer an even more comprehensive and effective solution for consumers seeking natural ways to manage stress and maintain a sense of calm.

Jerome Barra, VP Taste Marketing at dsm-firmenich: Flavoring played a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience of this product. Beyond simply masking off-notes, the right flavors can evoke specific emotions and reinforce the desired benefits. For instance, when creating a product targeting sleep and relaxation, we carefully selected flavors that are often associated with bedtime routines and a sense of tranquility. By aligning the sensory experience with the intended product benefits, we aim to create a more engaging and impactful solution that resonates with consumers on multiple levels.

3. How important is flavor to consumers?

Jerome Barra: It's very important to understand that the flavor drives the success of the product. If the consumer wants to take advantage of the great science-backed benefits from the Indena product, it has to taste great. To taste great, you have to understand the taste challenges associated with botanicals, whether it's astringency, bitterness or bad smell. You need to counteract all these negative attributes. In addition, it's not just about blocking or masking, it's also selecting the right profile that is depending on consumer preference, consumer acceptability and flavor trends we see on the market, so that we are attracting the consumers to products that meet their specific needs.

4. Where do you think the market is going?

Daniele Giavini, Managing Director at Indena: Nowadays, our customers require dietary supplement solutions that meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of health-conscious consumers. They’re looking for a combination of science-backed ingredients and highly effective botanicals with sensorial solutions and personalized delivery forms because this is what drives sales and appeals, especially to younger generations.

François Scheffler, Head of Global Marketing & Business Development, HNC at dsm-firmenich: I think that's spot on. Consumers want convenience, which includes innovative formats like gummies and powder sticks. They want something exciting that they haven't seen before which is where Indena's botanical extracts and our essential nutrients and biotics combine to create cutting-edge dietary supplement solutions. Indena’s botanicals are not just any botanicals – they’re standardized, high quality and offer enhanced bioavailability. We come in with our masking and flavor capabilities to ensure a delicious taste experience. Of course, consumers also want the reassurance of other well-known health ingredients. Together, we make these sophisticated formulations that are more customizable to consumer needs across different health areas. So, I think that's where the future of dietary supplements is headed.

5. How do you see the dsm-firmenich and Indena partnership evolving in the future?

Daniele Giavini: Our long-term vision is to bring the next generation of dietary supplement solutions to life. We want to stay ahead of the curve by continuously ideating new concepts that anticipate and address emerging consumer health trends, just like the prototypes we showcased at Vitafoods. We'll keep exploring innovative ways to support health and wellness. Whether it's in the areas of gut health, brain health or healthy aging, we're dedicated to creating solutions that empower consumers to lead healthier, more vibrant lives.

Sustainability is also a big driver within our partnership with Indena. As we continue to collaborate, we'll prioritize eco-friendly practices, from raw material sourcing to production and marketing. By focusing on environmental impact, renewable energies and building a more circular economy, we can ensure that our innovative solutions not only benefit consumers but also contribute to a greener future. Our partnership is not just about driving innovation; it's about doing so responsibly and ethically. By combining our expertise and resources, we can develop groundbreaking solutions that promote health and wellness while also minimizing our environmental footprint.

Want to learn how dsm-firmenich and Indena's strategic partnership can help you create cutting-edge dietary supplements that combine clinically proven efficacy with delicious taste and convenient formats? Connect with our experts today to discover how our expertise in premix, flavor, taste and masking services and innovative botanical ingredients can inspire consumers to make health a priority by leveraging the full power of nutritional supplementation.

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10 July 2024


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