Vitafoods Europe 2024 recap: What this year’s show told us about the nutrition industry


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  • With over 20,000 nutraceutical professionals attending Vitafoods Europe 2024, this year’s event was the ultimate platform for idea sharing, solution finding and future forecasting.
  • At the show, ‘multifunctionality’ was in the spotlight, as well as key health areas such as Health from the Gut, biotics, healthy aging and women’s health.
  • To help brands stay ahead of the curve, we share our key insights and trends from Vitafoods Europe 2024 and what they mean for the state of the nutrition industry.  

This year’s Vitafoods Europe marked a turning point in the long history of the world’s largest nutraceutical trade show. After 26 years in Geneva, we said au revoir, auf wiedersehen and goodbye to the city, as next May we’ll be gathering in Barcelona. And it’s not just the location that’s changing.

The nutraceutical market is increasingly dynamic, with consumer preferences evolving alongside shifting global health priorities. From new scientific research in trending health areas to natural and sustainable ingredients, read on for our key takeaways from the show.

1. Multifunctional products in the spotlight

One of the standout Vitafoods trends was the need to promote overall health from within, with solutions strengthening interconnected health benefits (like the gut microbiome and brain health) simultaneously.

Consumers are increasingly perceiving health holistically and looking to integrate nutritional solutions into all aspects of their daily routines, considering how nutrition impacts their physical, mental and social well-being. In June, a global consumer survey released data revealing that multifunctionality is the top health claim consumers look for in products.1 The takeaway is that brands should consider addressing interconnected health concerns through single, multifunctional products.

2. Highlighting the necessity of gut health for overall well-being

While multifunctionality was a key trend, Health from the Gut and biotics dominated the show floor. Over 80% percent of consumers in China, the United Kingdom and the United States consider gut health important, and more than 50% intend to make cultivating good gut health a higher priority in the coming years.2 Against this market backdrop, there was significant focus on growing scientific understanding of the gut microbiome’s far-reaching influence on various aspects of human health, including how the complex interplay between gut microorganisms and the gut itself supports the immune system, as well as the gut's role in cognitive function and the gut-brain axis. This expanding body of evidence has driven the nutraceutical industry to prioritize the development of targeted solutions that support and modulate the gut microbiome to promote overall well-being.

To address consumer demand for Health from the Gut solutions as well as the growing popularity of natural botanical ingredients, we were especially proud to debut our collaborative efforts with Indena to create cutting-edge dietary supplement prototypes targeting this area, such as the combination of Humiome® Post LB, Relissa™ and CUBO™. Co-hosting our second joint-event with Indena allowed us to further showcase our partnership, including these new health benefit concepts and prototypes that address interconnected health concerns by combining ingredients that target both gut and brain health. This reflects the growing potential for nutraceuticals to support overall well-being through a holistic approach.

Furthermore, the launch of our new solution, Humiome® B2, the world's first 'biotic' vitamin powered by Microbiome Targeted Technology™ (MTT™), further demonstrated our focus on developing targeted solutions that support a well-nourished gut environment and, consequently, immune health. By utilizing MTT™ to ensure ~90% vitamin B2 delivery to the colon, Humiome® B2 represents a significant advancement in the nutraceutical industry's approach to gut health and immunity.

3. The relationship between metabolic health and healthy aging

Healthy aging also had a strong presence at the show. Currently, 60% of consumers consider it ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important to invest in products that support healthy aging and longevity.2 As the world faces the challenge of aging populations (one in six will be over 60 by 2030),3 there will no doubt be an even greater focus on healthy aging in the years to come. During the event, Jordana Bell, leader of the epigenomics research group at the Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology from King's College London presented insights on the influence of gene expression and epigenetics on metabolic health, while Rick Miller, Associate Director of Specialist Nutrition at Mintel, explored strategies for addressing metabolic syndrome through product innovation.

The presentations from Bell and Miller explored the crucial link between metabolic health and healthy aging. Bell's session delved highlighting how genetic factors can impact an individual's risk of developing age-related metabolic disorders such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Meanwhile, Miller's presentation focused on strategies for addressing metabolic syndrome through innovative product development, emphasizing the importance of targeted nutrition solutions in promoting healthy aging by supporting optimal metabolic function and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

On stand, we were proud to present ampli-D®, an innovative and more bioavailable vitamin D ingredient shown to increase levels of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ in a much shorter timeframe. The market-ready solution can help to support bone and muscle health – critical for mobility – and has demonstrated promising benefits in senior adults, including improved muscle strength (in the knee), gait speed and muscular function.4,5 Our Medical Nutrition team also showcased our commitment to healthy aging with a tasting session of a new prototype that’s designed to help older adults overcome nutritional challenges by delivering high-quality macro- and micronutrients in a convenient, sprinkle format. These couscous-like sprinkles can be added to a variety of foods to support muscle maintenance, bone health and immune function, without requiring dietary changes or impacting taste or texture. This prototype exemplifies industry efforts to develop creative solutions and formats that promote healthy aging by addressing the nutritional needs and dietary preferences of the aging population.

4. Sustainability still in the spotlight

Sustainability was a recurrent theme at Vitafoods Europe 2024, reflecting its influence on the industry and consumers, with as many as one in four prepared to pay more for sustainable products.6 The event itself took significant strides to minimize its environmental footprint, including the use of renewable energy, on-site recycling and partnerships with local charities to reduce food waste. The 2024 agenda encompassed everything sustainable, from formulating with plant-based ingredients like seaweed or peas to creating resilient food systems that balance both the health of consumers with the health of the planet. Tapping into this theme, as well as trends for science-backed products with high purity and quality, we showcased our innovative life's®OMEGA solution, the first single-source plant-based omega-3 on the market to have the same ratio of EPA and DHA as fish oil with twice the potency.

Looking ahead

To recap: Vitafoods Europe 2024 showcased the nutraceutical industry's growing recognition of the interconnectedness of various aspects of human health, with a particular focus on holistic health, multifunctionality and the gut microbiome. As the industry continues to develop targeted products that address multiple health benefits at once, our team remains at the forefront of this transformation. By harnessing cutting-edge science, technology and consumer insights, we help you create innovative nutraceutical solutions inspire consumers to make their health a priority.

Partner with us to go beyond the essential to co-develop sustainable and desirable science-backed products, powered by expert services. Connect with us here:


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02 July 2024


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