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A Digital Marketing Success Story

  • DSM is expanding its digital marketing capabilities to make a co-branding support program available to selected customers.
  • Its team has been working to raise awareness, deepen engagement and drive purchasing intent for co-branded products across the world.
  • DSM is looking to build on its success and further grow its co-branding and customer support program in 2019.

Information Is Everywhere

Consumers are becoming more informed than ever before, particularly when it comes to taking control of their own health and wellness. As a leader in nutritional science, DSM has an important role to play in ensuring that people have access to clear, accurate information. Brand sites such as life’sDHA™ and Quality for Life™ are run by DSM and have become popular portals, targeting individuals looking to learn more about topics such as maternal and infant nutrition and healthy aging. Social media is also important in making sure that this educational content reaches and resonates relevant audiences.

Co-branding and Customer Support

As a part of DSM’s added value offering to customers, we are now able to run targeted online promotions for co-branded products. This year, we have planned, implemented and measured successful marketing support programs for a number of well-known supplement and fortified food and beverage brands. The digital campaigns were live across nine countries and have resulted in more than 3.2 million branded impressions, 270,000 video views and 41,000 clicks on either co-branded content or links to customer websites. With the content that we created, including videos, expert articles and product reviews, we have been able to support our customers in raising brand awareness, deepening engagement and driving purchasing intent and conversions.

Published on

07 December 2018


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