Fighting Hidden Hunger with Market-Ready Solutions

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DSM’s market-ready solutions fighting hidden hunger

  • Malnutrition, specifically hidden hunger, is a big issue in both developing and developed countries. One in three people worldwide have a lack of access to, or cannot afford, a nutritious diet. This has led to an increase in hidden hunger, where people might consume enough calories, but not enough micronutrients.
  • DSM’s portfolio of market-ready solutions aims to address this, offering safe, easy-to-use and affordable supplementation to fill micronutrient gaps in the diets of malnourished individuals in nutrition intervention programs.
  • The latest video presents a range of finished, consumer-ready supplements, as well as discussing the impact of malnutrition and how organizations across the supply chain can work together to end hunger.

Filling the micronutrient gap

Malnutrition is a prevalent issue worldwide, due to a lack of access to, or affordability of, nutritious and healthy foods. Hidden hunger is a growing issue too – this is where people might be getting enough calories in their diets, but not enough essential micronutrients.

Programs to tackle this widespread problem can consist of education around dietary improvements, food fortification programs, or supplementation.

DSM has been actively involved in tackling vitamin and mineral deficiencies since nutritional interventions began. Now, DSM’s portfolio of finished, consumer-ready supplements includes:

  • Micronutrient powders - designed to boost the micronutrient content of the food given to infants over six months of age
  • Multiple micronutrient supplements – produced in a number of forms, such as soft and hard gel capsules, for both adults and children

For any nutrition improvement programs aimed at addressing malnutrition, success is reliant on the solution’s ease of use, quality and wider impact for the end consumer. That’s why all of DSM’s solutions are safe, customizable, scientifically proven, affordable and easy to use.

Committed to supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of ending hunger and improving nutrition, DSM’s aim is to work with and across organizations to fill micronutrient gaps in the diets of malnourished individuals around the world. By working together to drive focus towards better and high quality nutrition, organizations and program implementors can help the world’s most vulnerable populations thrive.

DSM’s new video discusses the impact of malnutrition and how organizations across the supply chain can work together to end hunger worldwide. It also gives a detailed overview of the market-ready solutions DSM.


For more information about DSM’s market-ready solutions, and their necessity worldwide, watch the video!

Published on

02 July 2019


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