Innovation in Early Life Nutrition

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  • DSM’s recent ‘Passionate About Kids’ Nutrition’ conference in Amsterdam focused on the importance of maternal, infant and children’s health.
  • Speakers at the event included influential lifestyle bloggers, who shared their own personal insights on children’s relationships with food.
  • To successfully bridge the nutritional gaps that exist in many kids’ diets, foods and supplements must appeal to children’s varied tastes.

Under the spotlight

Establishing the right nutrition in mothers and their children is crucial for maintaining
optimal health and supporting development in the early years, as well as later in life. However, awareness of the specific benefits of vitamins and minerals during this life stage remains low, according to research commissioned by DSM.  A recent DSM conference – ‘Passionate About Kids’ Nutrition’ – aimed to shed light on the barriers that prevent many children from achieving a healthy, balanced diet.

Sharing knowledge

At the event, several influential speakers and bloggers spoke on topics ranging from the importance of the right nutrition, to children’s differing relationships with food. The day kicked off with an informative overview of the crucial nutrients required during the first 1,000 days – from the onset of pregnancy to the child’s second birthday – from Dr. Gigi Veereman, a professor at the Free University Brussels who specializes in pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition. Mandy C. Daly, Director of Advocacy and Policy Making at the Irish Neonatal Health Alliance, then used her first-hand experience of being a parent to discuss the nutritional needs of preterm infants and underline the importance of collaboration.

Sharing a more personal perspective, two family lifestyle bloggers provided insights into the role that food plays in the lives of their children. Sarah Anguish, who blogs on the popular Boo Roo and Tigger Too site, talked about the day-to-day struggles of coping with a ‘fussy eater’ and how important vitamins and supplements are to her son to help with his growth and development. Similarly, Sezen Cakir from spoke about the foods, supplements and alternative medicines that are continuing to shape both her and her young daughter’s health.

A healthy future

Despite the challenges that both parents and brand owners face when it comes to bridging the nutritional gap in many children, the event ended with a positive message around the clear opportunities for innovation. There are a growing number of delicious and nutritious products on the shelves that appeal to children’s tastes and come in a range of delivery formats that are both exciting and convenient to consume. As awareness of the negative health impacts of micronutrient deficiencies continues to grow, targeted nutritional solutions have the potential to change the relationships that kids have with their food for the better.

Published on

12 October 2018


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